Academy Chatter: What was the best thing that happened to you in 2021?

Academy Chatter:  What was the best thing that happened to you in 2021?

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Sam Mach, freshman: “Going to Colorado with my friends.”
Mary Sullivan, freshman: “Getting my new dog.”
Elizabeth Schounard, freshman: “Getting to meet new people and develop new relationships.”
Violet Korpal, freshman: “Starting high school and making a ton of new friends.”
Lucy Lawton, freshman: “My tennis season.”

Mia Miller, freshman: “Getting a new adorable baby sister!”

Maame Asiamah, freshman: “Going to Ghana and visiting my family in Ghana.”

Elizabeth Schounard, freshman: “I got a truck.”

Eva Passel, freshman: “The best thing that happened was meeting and reconnecting with new people.”

Amelia Crudimsky, freshman: “Joining the musical.”

Pip McGinnity Schneider, freshman: “The best thing that happened to me in 2021 was traveling to Ithaca, New York, to see my brother’s college and spend time with my brother. We got to hang out a lot, and it was really cool to walk around his campus with him as he told me about his school.”

Emily Hoeppner, junior: “Going to Disneyworld and being in SpongeBob: The Musical.”

Delaney Manning, freshman: “Seeing family again.”

Lauren Witczak, sophomore: “I made new friends and got away from fake friends.”

Sam Mach, freshman: “I got a puppy.”

Mrs. Brenda Rentmeester, staff: “Moving into a new place in my old neighborhood.”

Fr. Jordan Neeck, staff: “Serving as a chaplain for Wyoming Catholic College’s freshman orientation.”

Mr. Gregory Geiser, staff: “I took a road trip with my older brother to visit my older sister in Connecticut.”

Mrs. Hailey Anderson, staff:  “I got married.”

Mrs. Deborah Gretzinger, staff: “I think God is all over it.”