Academy Chatter: What is your favorite thing about spring?

Academy Chatter:  What is your favorite thing about spring?

Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Brynn Nelson, freshman: “My favorite thing about spring is seeing everything bloom and all the colors come.”

Ally Paprocki, freshman: “My favorite thing about spring is the smell

Cassi Garrison, freshman: “My favorite thing about spring is the weather.”

Khalee Robinson, freshman: “My favorite thing about spring is jumping in muddy puddles like Peppa Pig.”

Shannon Lacy, freshman: “My favorite thing about spring is Spring Break.”


QUESTION:  What are your plans for spring break?

Frannie Wied, freshman: “I’m going to Naples, Florida, with my family.”

Ella Gelb, freshman: “I’m going to sit on the bench at the basketball state game(s), play softball and maybe go to Minneapolis at some point.”

Lidiya Schneider, freshman: “I’m going to Arizona with my family for spring break. I’m really excited to eat cactus candy and go swimming!”

Nicholas Gruesen, freshman: “I’m going to Splash Mountain.”

Adam Guyette, freshman: “I am going to Marco Island, Florida.”

Drew Suidzinski, freshman: “I am going to relax and stay home with my dad. I have baseball training, so I cannot go anywhere.”

Pietro Auricchio, freshman: “I am going to the Galapagos on a boat trip where we’ll visit all of the islands and swim a lot.”

Sawyer Klein, freshman: “I am going to Arizona. My grandparents have a place out there. I will be swimming a lot.”

Khalee Robinson, freshman: “I will be sitting in my room and playing video games.”

Michael George, freshman: “I’m flying to Honduras on Friday. I’m mainly going for diving.”

Mia Miller, freshman: “I’m going to the big island of Hawaii for a week. We will be hiking, swimming and scuba diving.”

Natalia Welle, freshman: “Over break I am going to Mexico to see family.”

Madeline Hilts, freshman: “I will be going to visit my grandparents in Port Washington and play softball.”

Gabby Jackson, freshman: “I am going to St. Louis with the NDA band on Friday. After that, I’m going to Arizona with my family.”

Nathan Antti, freshman: “I am going to Florida for spring break and trying out for a hockey event.”

Sam Behrend, freshman: “For spring break, I will be going to Marco Island and golfing a lot.”

Abby LaMere, freshman: “Going to Door County for a little, then conditioning and getting ready for soccer.”

Wyatt Herres, freshman: “Staying at home and relaxing.”

Brynn Nelson: “I am going to rest, relax and focus on rebuilding my health.”

Max Bonkowski, freshman: “I am going to Fort Myers, Florida, with my family for spring break. 

Christian Collins, freshman: “I am going to Defauski Island, South Carolina.”

Charlie Gerstner, freshman: “I am going to ski in Colorado with my family.”

Ava Lagerkvist, freshman: “I’m flying to New York to visit my sister.”

Maddie Wolfram, freshman: “I’m going to Mexico with my family and some of our friends.”

Mary Sullivan, freshman: “I am going to Mexico for my sister’s senior trip.”

Pip McGinnity, freshman: “I am going to Hawaii.”

Madison Malo, freshman: “I am traveling to Montreal, Quebec City and Mont Tremblant.”

Sophia Lin, freshman: “I am going to Scottsdale, Arizona, with my family.”

Carson Blahnik, freshman: “I’m going skiing in the Dells.”

Sam Mach, freshman: “Going to Alabama with my family.”

Dezirae Rheingans, freshman: “I’m going to Las Vegas.”
Emily Kukiela, freshman: “I’m in Hawaii at the beach and pool tanning and reading.”
Eva Gillet, junior: “I’m going to New York with my host family.”