Cabaret Night is BACK!


Carolyn Brown, Adviser, Online Tritonian

Those of us who knew NDA traditions pre-Covid are thrilled with what happened Saturday night. The building was full of young people and older folks milling around enjoying everything from stand-up comedy to jazz, vocal solos and rap to teacher bands, poetry readings and art displays.  

There was food, laughter, screams of praise, and too much talent to take in.  The only bad thing about the night was missing an act in the library because there was another act you wanted to see in the Commons or auditorium. 

Kudos to Jen Laaksonen, Chris Salerno, Steve Johnson and Melanie Bradshaw.  Frau, as Student Government lead adviser, organized all the entertainment while Salerno, Johnson and Bradshaw provided all the Fine Arts direction for so many talented students. 

Thanks to the tech crew, the student emcees, band parents who sold and served food and all those who came despite the Final Four games. 

Spread the word:  Cabaret Night is BACK!

And check out the Photo Gallery posted by Nick Bumgardner, editor-in-chief.  These are the photos I took, but, like I said before, you can’t see everything!