Academy Chatter: What is your favorite Christmas memory?

Academy Chatter:  What is your favorite Christmas memory?

Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Peyton Skaletski, senior:  “Christmas Eve, and spending it with my family.”

Anika Gerl, senior:  “My family’s gingerbread house contest.”

Vladyslava Klymenko, senior:  “Getting presents for all my friends and family.”

Isabella King, senior:  “My Christmas show for dance.”

Olivia Holschuh, senior:  “Going on our snowmobiling trip.”

Mia Miller, sophomore: “When the fire department had to come to our hotel because I burned a cinnamon roll in the toaster.”

Savannah Schultz, sophomore: “When my cousins and I accidentally drove to Michigan.”

Lidiya Scheider, sophomore: “When we ended up in a cornfield while looking for Christmas lights.”

Morgan Gokey, sophomore: “When my family started a nerf gun fight in the middle of Christmas.”

Frannie Wied, sophomore: “When my brother and I stayed up all night on Christmas Eve after eating chocolate espresso cake.”

Max Bonkowski, sophomore: “When someone clogged a toilet in our house and it flooded everything, right when guests were coming over.” 

Khalee Robinson, sophomore: “Spending time with my family.”

Jasmine Rodgers, sophomore: “Waking up and seeing presents under the tree.”

Matthew Stein, sophomore: “When I got a PS4 for Christmas.”

Amelia Chrumdimsky, sophomore: “Spending time with my family and going ice skating.”

Ari Hinz, sophomore: “Getting to hang out with my friends outside of school.”

Aubrey Guyette, senior:  “Getting our Christmas tree each year.”

Jacob Vanooyen, senior:  “Waking up Christmas morning and looking outside at the snow and my little sister opening all of her gifts.”

Ms. Jill Gerl, staff:  “Cutting down the tree and going home and eating pizza and watching the Christmas story.”

Jackson Spejcher, senior:  “The gifts.”

Estrella Martinez, sophomore:  “Getting together with my family and having big parties.”

Laken Hargrove, senior:  “Spending time with family, and also gifts.”

Bryce Dahl, junior: “When my sister knocked over our tree and broke all of the ornaments and decorations.”