Unheard Voices Presentation: Saying Something Can Make a Big Impact

Cassi Garrison, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

On Monday, May 8, Notre Dame’s sophomore students missed their eighth-hour classes to hear a presentation called Unheard Voices.

The presentation acknowledged that April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and students watched a video featuring the true stories of four survivors.

The assembly opened with prayer for the victims and for the students of Notre Dame.

In previous years, the information in the presentation was shared in-person, but this year it was in video format.

The assembly shared heart-breaking statistics about the prevalence of sexual assault and human trafficking across the world and in Wisconsin.

Sophomores learned about the signs of human trafficking and how to tell if someone you know is being trafficked, as well as informed them about the resources available to them.

The assembly was led by the Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin, and a representative named Shelby talked about the prevalence of sexual assault.

This organization has provided these presentations to people, high schools and companies throughout the area in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness month.

The most important takeaway from the presentation was that speaking out is the most important thing you can do, whether it be for yourself or somebody else, because saying something can make a big impact.