Academy Chatter: What do you like best about autumn?

Staff Writers, Journalism I

Josie Bieker, junior: “Sweaters and hot coffee.”

Grace Wheeler, senior: “It’s just chill I guess.”

Quinton Nelson, senior: “Wearing windbreakers, the cool ones.”

Kayla Hawley, senior: “The leaves changing, it’s so pretty.”

Micah Dennis, senior: “I really like the change of leaf colors and the transition into halloween time.”

Maddie Jalosynzski, senior: “I love the leaves changing and enjoying a cup of Chai tea from Starbucks.”

Megan Zasuly, junior: “I love fall clothes and outfits because they are the cutest.”

Mattea Vecera, junior: “My favorite part about fall is making applesauce with my neighbors and seeing all the leaves change colors.”

Tim Geocaris, junior: “Soccer season, get dubs.”

Grace Wheeler, senior: “The sweaters because it’s like wearing a blanket constantly.”

Meredith James, sophomore: “The chilly feeling of fall and the beautiful colors the leaves turn. It looks so magical in fall, plus Halloween!”

Courtney Ledvina, senior: “The changing of the leaves and the warm drinks.”

Nathan Weslow, sophomore: “Being able to hang with friends and have fun.”

Sara Savona, sophomore: “My favorite part of fall is the weather.”

Liam Afton, sophomore: “My favorite part of fall is Halloween so I can dress up.”

Molly Rader, junior: “Football, obviously.”

Maddie Vincent, junior: “Carving pumpkins and apple picking.”

Bella Zingler-Hoslet, junior: “The changing colors of the foliage.”

Emily Cribben, junior: “Football games.”

Abby VanOoyen, junior: “The colors of the trees.”

Goretty Juarez, junior: “It’s sweater weather.”

Carson Gilson, junior: “Fall is great because the weather is nice.”

Ared Hernandez, junior: “Hot chocolate and fluffy socks.”

Guadalupe Rivera, junior: “Carving pumpkins.”

Kayla Robbins, staff: “Pumpkin patching and going to haunted houses.”

Clara Blumreich, junior: “My favorite part of fall is football season.”

Caragan Olles, junior: “Wearing vests.”

Mariah Michalski, junior: “Carving pumpkins.”

Madison Vincent, junior: “Carving pumpkins and picking apples.”

Stephanie Wilke, sophomore: “Wearing sweaters and drinking hot chocolate.”

Brooklyn Onell, sophomore: “The climate or weather, it’s not hot but it’s not cold.”

Riley Onell, junior: “Football games because I like watching football.”

Mrs. Kim Flinchum, staff: “Halloween, because I love dressing up.”

Will Ernst, junior: “Cooler weather, because I don’t like warm weather.”

Charles Nash, junior: “It gets colder, because I like the cold. I sleep in a 40-degree room for God’s sake.”

Julia Slusarek, senior: “The pumpkins.”

Ethan L. Motquin, senior: “Going down the road in the middle of nowhere by myself and looking at the beautiful scenery where the leaves are changing.”

Samm Meck, junior: “The leaves changing.”

Chloe Capomaccio, senior: “Sweater season.”

Anna Schaut, senior: “Spending time with the girls.”

Cole Whatley, senior: “The cool days and the pretty leaves.”

Tommy Martzahl, senior: “Pumpkin pie because it is yummy.”
Jada Ver Boort, sophomore: “Apple picking because it is fun.”
Tommy Tressler, junior: “Haunted houses and fall sports.”
Claire Kini, senior: “Carving pumpkins, Halloween movies, especially the movie Halloween Town.”

Jay Strain, freshman: “I love all of the holidays and the excitement that comes with it.”

Emily Hawley, sophomore: “Going to the football games and dressing up with the crazy themes because it’s fun.”

Charles Kippley, senior: “The weather because I can finally wear my sweaters and Uggs without getting looked down upon.”

Abby Comar, senior: “I like the colors of the leaves’ change because it makes everything look pretty and makes me want to go on hikes.”

Garrett Moureau, senior: “The color that fall brings to nature and the aroma.”

Micah Dennis, senior: “ I like when it’s that time of season you can wear hoodies.”

Hannah Bressers, sophomore: “ The best I like about fall is when I go to Starbucks because the coffee gets even better.”

Justin Martinez, senior: “ I like fall best when it gets really cold. I really like the coldness. It’s so relaxing.”

Alek Martinez, freshman: “ What I like best about fall is when I play soccer because it’s not too hot or too humid.”

Christian Martinez, sophomore: “ I like fall at its best when it gets really cold because I can get sick and not come to school plus my grandma then makes hot chocolate in the morning and it’s really relaxing.”

Ryan Martin, senior: “The temperature is just perfect for sports and bonfires.”

Abby Meyer, senior: “My birthday on November 13th.”

Grace Balison, senior: “Sweaters.”

Claire Kini, senior: “Pumpkin carving and apple picking.”

Madison Hansen, senior: “I like that it gets cold.”

Josh Goral, sophomore: “I like to play soccer when it’s fall.”

Senora VW, teacher: “Sweater weather. I love wearing sweaters and comfy boots.”

Taylor LeFever, sophomore: “The weather. Not too cold, not too hot.”

Tara Janas, sophomore: “Watching the leaves change color and going apple picking.”

Judah Gartzke, sophomore: “Football season and pep band.”

Hayden Kapalin, junior: “Fall Ball.”

Rebekah Boucher, senior: “Watching the leaves fall and drinking tea.”

Maggie Otradovec, junior: “Thick sweaters, blankets, hot tea, apple crumble and pecan pie.”

Anna Grzelak, senior: “The beautiful leaves changing colors as well as being able to run and wear sweatshirts in cooler weather.”