Academy Chatter: What are you most looking forward to during Fall Fest Week?

Academy Chatter:  What are you most looking forward to during Fall Fest Week?

Staff Writers, Journalism I students

Kendall Goehre, sophomore: “The dance.”

Sean Giganti, sophomore: “Having a fun time at the dance with my date and with my friends.”
Eleanor Van Handel, sophomore: “Spending time with friends and having fun at the Fall Fest dance.”
Ella Madson, sophomore: “Games and meeting new people.”
Kennedy May, sophomore: “I’m most excited for The Great Battle.”
Miranda Goral, sophomore: “I’m most excited for experiencing more of a normal high school experience of NDA traditions since we missed out on that our freshman year.”
Lauren Witczak, sophomore: “To hang out with my friends and finally have a high school experience. Also to have a Fall Fest Week with all the activities.”
Maddy Rose, sophomore: “Probably all the activities and how there are dress-down days and of course, the dance. I’m excited to have a fun week and experience it for the first time.”
Hannah Fergus, sophomore: “The Great Battle.”
Jack Brabant, sophomore: “The dance.”

Sophie Lin, freshman: “Getting my nails done and dressing up.”

Emily Kukiela, freshman: “Spending time with friends and overall going to the dance.”

Maddie Wolfram, freshman: “Hanging out with friends and making memories.”

Zinash Ham, freshman: “Seeing student body show school spirit and helping a cause.”

Maame Asiamah, freshman: “Themed days leading up to the dance and making high school memories.”

Lucy Lawton, freshman: “I’m excited to have fun and dress up.”

Cassandra Schounard, senior: “I’m excited for the actual dance part of fall fest because I missed out on the past two years.”

Frannie Wied, freshman: “I’m excited for the dress-down days.”

Ava Parker, freshman: “I’m excited to go to the dance with friends and have fun.”

Adah Danen, freshman: “Dressing up.”

Sam Smet, senior: “The dance.”

Matteo D’alessandro, senior: “I look forward to the dance.”

Maggie Tressler, senior: “Definitely the dance!”

Kinsey Gallagher, freshman: “I am most excited for dress-up themes.”

Cadence Maxfield, senior: “Having some normalcy back for my senior year.”

James Flanigan, freshman: “My date and going to THE dance.”

Bennett Madson, freshman: “ Going to the dance.”

Quinn Conway, freshman: “Getting to dress up during the week.”

Ms. Corriveau, staff: “Seeing what TGB is because it was different when I was here.”

Elizabeth Schounard, freshman: “I am excited to dress up and go to the dance.”

Olivia Holschuh, junior: “All the theme days, getting to see The Great Battle and having the dance again.”

Ava Lagerkvist, freshman: “Seeing the whole school together as one.”

Matty Gugluizza, sophomore: “Getting to hang out with friends.”

Maddie Wolfram, freshman: “Hanging out with my friends and the dance.”

Ava Lagerkvist, freshman: “Dressing up!”

Mary Sullivan, freshman: “Probably the dance!”

Grace Borys, freshman: ” I am looking forward to having fun with my friends and the experience of my first high school dance.”

Aubrey Guyette, junior: “I’m excited for powderpuff.”

Lauren Vandrisse, junior: “Dressing up during the week.”

Elizabeth McKenna, senior: “I am excited for dressing up and getting ready.”

Jessie Garcia, junior: “I don’t know, dancing.”

Richard Candelario Diaz, junior: “I’m looking forward to a day off.”

Madeline Patrickus, junior: I am looking forward to dress-down days.”

Kallie Flashberger, junior: “The dance and the football game.”

Jennie Laaksonen, staff: “I am looking forward to the return of Fall Fest in general.”

Andrea Gilson, staff: “I love seeing students’ excitement and chaperoning the dance.”

Greta Fogarty, junior: “The dance.”

Zinash Ham, freshman: “Getting to dress up, and go to the dance.”

Violet Korpal, freshman: “The music at the dance.”

Eva Gillet, junior: “Getting to wear my dress.”

Frannie Wied, freshman: “Powderpuff.”

Elizabeth Schounard, freshman: “Being able to dress up and go to the dance with my friends.”

Christian Collins, freshman: “Probably going to the dance.”

Dashel Demarco, freshman: “Getting to wear my suit.”

Señora Stover, staff: “Seeing all the students dressed up.”

Lily Arkens, freshman: “The dance and getting to dress up.”

Morgan Gokey, freshman: “Powderpuff.”