IB Art Show Set for March 13


Abby Almonte, Staff Writer

picture for IB Art - tiger picture for IB Art - splatter picture for IB Art - owl picture for IB Art - wolf picture for IB Art - hand picture for IB Art - flower picture for IB Art - anchor] IB Art picturesNotre Dame Academy’s IB Art senior class is looking forward to their upcoming art show on Thursday, March 13.

It is not required in the IB course that the students put on an art-show, but traditionally, the seniors showcase their work while juniors provide refreshments each year. This is the fifth year of the IB Art Show.

“I am very, very excited for the class to be able to show off what we have worked on throughout the year. There is so much work being put in this class year round. A lot more than what people may think, for sure,” IB Art senior Charley Carlson said.

The IB art show will be housed in the school library this year, after being held in the South Commons in 2013.

The artwork included in each IB art display is determined by individual students.  Each student is responsible for the making of the artwork, selection of the artwork included in the art show, and the set up/take down of their art show.

“It is nice that we have the opportunity to do this. A night dedicated to just our work. I believe that each and every senior that stuck with the course until now deserves a well put together show, especially after having our ‘eighth-hour privilege’ taken away,” Carlson said.

For the second year in a row, the IB Art class has been held during 8th hour which traditionally has been a free period for seniors.

In the past, there was no art show for the first seniors when IB Art was introduced in 2009. The students set up displays of their art work for the visiting examiner for their portion of the IB external assessment, and that was it, Brandtner said.

“After all the work that went into setting up the show, it seemed to be a missed opportunity for the IB seniors not to open the show to the public, so the tradition began the very next year and now we have an annual Senior IB Art Show,” said Brandtner.

Brandtner said that her favorite part of the IB art course is working with individual students and helping them develop their art portfolios.

“It is invigorating to see students work outside of their comfort zone by trying out a new medium or developing a new idea. I love the atmosphere of the art room when everyone is engaged in their artwork and quiet settles in,” said Brandtner.