Cabaret Night, a Must-See for Tritons

Colleen Mortell, Staff Writer

Cabaret Night has been a tradition at Notre Dame Academy for over seventeen years.

It is a night for students and faculty to showcase their artistic talents at school in front of friends and family.  The performances are held in the auditorium, the commons, and the library.

This year there will be two performing areas in the commons on separate ends of the room.  One performance will be going on while the other stage is being set up for the next act.

The Drama Club originally put on this event; however, three years ago Mrs. Brown took on the role of organizer.

“It is somewhat stressful planning the night, but I have the help from Mr. Hill, Jake Gerlikovski, Vince Hribernik, and Sister Laura,” Mrs. Brown added.

An art show is displayed and judged in the senior hallway, showing work from all the art classes.

Senior Abby Almonte won third prize last year for a portrait in her IB Art class.

“I was surprised when I went to go look at my art that was displayed and saw a ribbon next to it!” Almonte said.

She said she is planning on participating in the art show again this year.

“It’s nice that everyone else gets to display their artwork,” Almonte added.

The concession stands will be open and run by lacrosse parents as a fundraiser for the team.

There is no cost to attend the event.  Every year, senior Alex Schadrie, works as a “bouncer” in the atrium, collecting donations, Mrs. Brown said.

Schadrie signed up for stand up comedy his freshman year, but Mrs. Brown thought it would be more beneficial to have him be the “host” of the night.

The donations he collects goes towards the band and choir programs.  Last year the money raised bought a new drum set.  This year, the goal is to buy a new keyboard.

Many acts are planned for the night including bands, ballet, Irish dancing, skits, and other musical performances.

Junior Greg Young, sophomore Nick Robinson, and freshman Charlie Urick formed a band called Pedestrian Crossing, but usually just go by their names Greg, Nick, and Charlie.

Last year, Young and Urick performed in a rock band.

“My favorite part of the night is that you get to see all of the other people at Notre Dame perform, who do not always show their other talents,” Young shared.

Senior Anna Corriveau has performed at Cabaret several times throughout her high school years.

“I’m sad because it will be my last performance here.  I will probably cry,” Corriveau said.

She will be in about five performances this year.  One will be a song with her mom and chemistry teacher, Mrs. Deb Corriveau.

“I always enjoy anytime teachers are in an act.  It will be hard to top Mr. Mallien reading Dr. Seuss, or Dr. Ravizza and Mr. Pauly singing ‘Proud Mary,’” Mrs. Brown said.

The beloved English teacher also said we may be seeing something from the Public Performance class.

“The only bad thing about Cabaret Night is that you can’t see it all,” Mrs. Brown said.