Art Show Winners Announced

Clare Ravizza, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

On Saturday, March 28, members of the NDA family, young and old, gathered for the annual Cabaret Night and Art Show. The art show has been an NDA tradition since 1996.

“The art show is an accumulation of the some of the best art works created by NDA students enrolled in art class throughout the current school year,” said Mrs. Barb Brandtner, the art teacher who coordinates the art show each year.

As many pieces as possible are selected to be displayed, according to Brandtner. This year, the show included over 100 pieces. Any student enrolled in an NDA art class is eligible to have his or her piece displayed.

The art show is not just a display, however. It is also a bit of a competition.

“One or two professional artists or art educators are selected by me to come into the school and jury the show,” said Mrs. Brandtner. This year, the selected judge was Dr. Stephen Perkins from UWGB.

Each year several awards are given to different students. “We award a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place award, and several honorable mentions,” explained Mrs. Brandtner.

Occasionally, a Best in Show award is bestowed upon a student. To win this award, according to Brandtner, the student must have “a multitude of excellent works on display.”

This year, Dr. Perkins awarded the Best of Show to Phoebe Wood’s “RAPT.” Wood’s “3 Part Series” also won Best Drawing. In addition, “RAPT” won first place at the show, followed by Meliana Rapisarda’s “Brain” in second and Taylor Schaut’s “Spray Paint” in third.

Several other awards were given out as well, including Best 3D to “Puppet” by Megan Southwick. Lilly Brada won Best Pencil Portrait, and Best Medals went to Macey Vandenmeerendonk.

The Best Painting award was given to “Cake” by Chloe Noh, and Best Ceramic Figure went to Jessie Fan’s “Yellow Guy.”

Honorable mentions were awarded to ten additional artists with standout pieces. These pieces included: “Bird Print” by Julie Ko, Melaina Rapisarda’s “Madonnas,” “Van Gogh” by Lily Schumacher, “Self Portrait” by Shelby Rahn, “Contour Drawing” by Kyrsten Charles, “Gel Pen Drawing” by Marisa Jacques, “Woman Princess” by Zoe Li, “Alien vs. Predator” by Wyatt Druar, “Hand Breaking Out” by Susan Rose and Greg Rath-Pribyl’s “Obsessions.”

“It was a very strong art show, and I am very proud of all the artwork created by our art students,” commented Mrs. Brandtner, pleased with the show’s turnout and works. “There is  much talent at NDA, and I appreciate the opportunity to work with the students in the area of art.”