Cabaret Night Coming Saturday, March 19

Danielle Lippert, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

This year’s Cabaret Night will be held on March 19. For those who don’t know, Cabaret Night is an evening dedicated to all of the fine arts at Notre Dame Academy.

To begin the night, band parents host a spaghetti dinner in the Commons, and during the event, the choir parents sell desserts and drinks. The spaghetti dinner will begin at 4:30 p.m.

Cabaret Night has many different viewing areas. The Commons has two set up, the library has one and the auditorium has one. The auditorium performance list is primarily  reserved for seniors.

“We try to let seniors have their night in the auditorium,” said Mrs. Carolyn Brown, a coordinator of the event along with Chris Salerno, choral director, and Bill Hill, band director.

This year there will be a few new additions. There may be another classroom with acts, and there will be a video room to showcase student films that have been submitted.

Around 8 p.m., the other areas will be closed, and everyone will gather into the auditorium for the final, big acts.

This year will also feature a few performers from the GRACE schools. Middle school students may be spotted in the Commons playing along with the band or doing their forensic scene that they have been working on.

Acts will include musicians, singers, dancers, comedians and many more. It means a lot to the fine arts students that they are able to have a night dedicated to them.

“I think it’s incredible because people who may not be the best at sports or school have a chance to show something that many people don’t get to witness from them very often,” said Katie Romes, a sophomore singer and pianist who will be performing at Cabaret Night.

Of course, there will be the regular performers, the Charlie Uricks and Ben Richards. There will be surprise teacher acts, and one of Mr. Mallien’s sophomore classes will be performing a dance.

Due to popular demand and the great success at Mr. NDA, Teddy Suda’s band will close Cabaret Night.

Jake Gerlikovsky, former NDA Triton now studying at UW-GB, is in charge of the technical aspects of the evening.  He promises light, haze and the usual surprises.  After all, he has a Mr. NDA standard to live up to.

“Having Jake do the technical stuff adds a whole new dimension to the evening,” said Brown.  “He is so organized and so creative that I now wonder how we had Mr. NDA or Cabaret Night without his talents.”

Students, parents and friends are encouraged to attend Cabaret Night. Cabaret Night is free to attend, but donations are welcome. The donations go towards the fine arts program at Notre Dame.

“Unfortunately the night is so full with so many performing areas, it’s impossible to take it all in,” said Brown.  “However, it is also so much fun.”