Lights, Camera, Action! NDA Productions Makes Its Mark at NDA


Thomas Zakowski, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Movies and film can all be something people turn to whether it be for entertainment, inspiration, having a good laugh or getting over a breakup.

NDA Productions, a new club addition to NDA, works with students to improve their filmmaking skills and open their imagination to the vast world of cinematography.

The club is now in its second year and had about 10 members last year. NDA Productions was founded by students who wanted to work on film production. Frau Laaksonen is the current adviser to the club, the teacher who got it approved and started.

“I have my own personal interest in filmmaking. Plus I felt with student government and a lot of the other things where we make use of video production a lot of it made sense for me to be in collaboration with this group. ” Laaksonen said about her participation in the club.

“I think what I like the most about it is that it was student motivated and student led,” Laaksonen said.

Meetings for NDA Productions vary on the date and what they do. Some days they discuss projects they are doing, and other days they will watch clips of what people have done and discuss techniques used in the film.

Club Co-President Payton Van Pelt believes the club is valuable for several reasons.

“It taught me leadership and time management which has taught me we can’t waste time really anymore,” Van Pelt said.

The senior believes that this club grants more opportunity to those interested in film due to lack of resources in the Midwest.

“We kind of just want them to get hands-on experience because there aren’t many films in the Midwest.” she said about the club members.

The club’s skills can also be an asset to the Online Tritonian.

“Filming making could be a real help to our Online Tritonian and having Payton in class I would love to use her skills,” said journalism teacher Carolyn Brown.

As club co-president along with senior Hannah Dercks, Van Pelt helps set up meetings and schedules what activities the club will be doing,

“You should join. It’s a really good time, we’re going to watch movies and stuff, and if that’s what you like to do, you’ll have a good time,” Van Pelt said.