Lit Magazine Seeks Submissions, Plans Spring Week Publication

Payton Van Pelt, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Nadine Druar has been a vital member in Notre Dame Academy’s Writers Union for her entire high school career. And, as her senior year rolls along, the Writers Union is drafting their literary magazine, The Muse.

Along with extraordinary poems and short stories by Druar, the Muse consists of other narrative feats by the Notre Dame student body.

“Writer’s Union reviews and offers constructive criticism on pieces submitted anonymously by members,” explained Druar. “Members may then submit these pieces to the Muse, but anyone is welcome and encouraged to submit to the Muse.”

Writers Union meets every other Wednesday in Mrs. Brown’s room. Several Notre Dame writers then share their own pieces and give helpful criticism. The club includes members  of all grades and is led by Mrs. Thillman and Mrs. Brown.

“Writers Union allows me to spend time with other people who enjoy creative writing as much as I do,” explained Druar. “I can receive criticism on my poems and stories, thus helping me improve my writing. The Muse lets me see what other people in the school are up to writing-wise.”

When putting together the Muse, club members will receive submissions and a committee will select the ones that fit the needs of the magazine.

“After we choose the poems, short stories, and artwork to include, the format and cover art are put together and it is printed,” explained the senior.

Nadine hopes to include her own work and encourages others to submit their own.

“My writing comes from everywhere: words, actions, dreams. I wrote one poem purposely to make no sense. Another poem was written about how writing makes me feel. Another was based on Toy Story.”

Hannah Dercks, also a senior member and a student recently recognized in a national writing contest, is chairing the group that will lay out the magazine for printing.  The goal is to have the Muse ready for DelaBaieFest.

Art work, as well as short stories, essays and poems may be submitted online to [email protected].