Book Club Welcomes All Readers, Meets February 26 at Daily Buzz

Owen Martzke, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The third quarter of the school year is well underway which means that many clubs are in full swing. The NDA Book Club is one club that is active and excited for their next meeting on February 26 at the Daily Buzz coffee shop. They will be discussing the mystery novel Jackaby by William Ritter.

The novel follows psychic detective R.F. Jackaby and his young apprentice, Abigail, as they investigate supernatural crimes set in 19th century New England. The book and its sequels are heavily influenced by the Sherlock Holmes series, but they’re written with a supernatural twist.

The Book Club began years ago at NDA but its membership dwindled, meetings became few and far between, and so it was forgotten. That was until librarians Katie Gelb and Treena Leonhard had the brilliant idea to resurrect the club.

Their great friendship, work in the school library, and love of reading was the perfect combination for restarting this fun, intellectual, club. The club is meant for readers of all kinds. Whether you read a book a week or only read a book if it is assigned, everyone is invited to join the club.

The reading list is created by Mrs. Leonhard and Mrs. Gelb, but club members do give their input on what books they would like to read. Most of the books can be found in the school library or at one of the public libraries around town.

The club typically meets once a quarter which gives busy students plenty of time to read the books chosen throughout the year.

The Daily Buzz coffee shop is located in downtown Green Bay on the corner of Walnut and Washington. The quiet setting combined with the hot coffee creates a cozy, inviting feel to the meetings which last from 6:30-8pm.

So whether you are looking to discover new reading material or just become more involved and meet new people, the NDA Book Club is a great club to check out. Please feel free to visit Mrs. Gelb or Mrs. Leonhard in the library or email them to get more information on the club.