Directors, Cast Excited about Musical

Lauren Van Gheem, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Notre Dame Academy students perform a musical each winter, and this year they will be performing Matilda.  

English teacher Andrea Gilson, choir teacher Christine Salerno and chemistry teacher Kim Flinchum help the show run smoothly. 

“I am excited about the talented cast, the quirky awesome music and the pit band,” said Salerno.

Gilson and Salerno work together to direct the musical, and Flicnhum is the choreographer.

Gilson said, “I always look forward I to working with such a talented group of students.   Matilda is different than any musical I have directed before.  Mrs. Salerno and I are incredibly excited for the challenge and originality of this show.”

“I’m most excited for the unique choreography that I get to work with. It will be very different from what we’ve done in the past,” said the director of choreography.

Freshman Emily Hoeppner who will be playing Alice said, “I really love to perform and I am excited to join the musical family.”

 The show will take place from January 23 to 26 in 2020, and the excitement has already begun.

 “People should come see the show to see the talent their classmates have,” said sophomore Molly Kukiela who will play Amanda.

Flinchum and Salerno have high expectations for the cast this year. 

Flinchum said, “It’s unlike the other shows we have done and I hope that the audience and performers really enjoy the story.” 

“I expect the music to be learned very quickly, and I expect the collaboration between drama/ vocal music/instrumental music will be our best yet,” said Salerno. 

Charlie Rickards, who will play Bruce, said, “I am excited to see how the show comes together and how we bond over this two-month period.”

“It is always a struggle balancing school, musical and family,” said Gilson. “When dealing with stress, I try to remind myself of how content, refreshed, and fulfilled I feel after a rehearsal.”

Kukiela said, “I am most excited about all of the costumes and set designs this year because from what Mrs. Gilson told us, it sounds like it’s going to be amazing.”

The cast list for the show is as follows…

Little Kid Chorus

Matilda- Maddy Burgess 

Lavender- Ellen Meeuwsen

Bruce- Charlie Rickards

Alice- Emily Hoeppner

Amanda- Molly Kukiela

Tommy- Emilie Chamberlain

Hortensia- Bella Zingler-Hoslet

Nigel- Jacob Massart

Erica- Elizabeth Rickards

Leads/ Supporting Roles

Ms. Trunchbill- Skylar Schultz

Ms. Honey-Maggie Otradovec

Mr. Wormwood- Sam Ruffel

Ms. Wormwood- Elizabeth Hoeppner

Michael/Dad-Joey Bonadonna 

Mrs. Phelps/Mom/Big Kid- Tara Janas

Rudolpho/Dad/Big Kid- Max Timmer

Doctor/Big Kid- Bella Brabazon

Sergei/Children’s Performer/Big Kid- Tommy Tressler

Acrobat/Mom/Big Kid- Sonja Gapinski

Escapologist/Dad/Big Kid- Charles Peterson

Big Kid Chorus

Abby Elfner

Lizzy Parish

Addie Weiss

Emma Rose Sonnenburg

Alex Brabant

Briana Fitzgerald

Noah Sternig

Kate Treankler