Timmer Addresses Decision to End Dancing Career


Maxwell Timmer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Two weeks ago, I had the ultimate privilege to compete in the Academy Awards for a second year. It was a complete blessing to be voted in again and to be a part of the great tradition that is bigger than just one person. 

As this did cap the ending of the Academy Awards for my high school career, it also marked the ending of my dance career. 

I first started dancing when I was six years old. At that point, I was also doing hockey as well, which I greatly enjoyed. Because of my heart surgery, the doctor alerted my mom I couldn’t play hockey past the age of 12. My mom then introduced me to dance at Barb’s Centre for Dance because my sister enjoyed it so much and to hopefully ease me out of hockey. I shortly fell in love and quickly forgot about any other activity. 

As the years went on, I continued to improve and my love grew stronger. I loved being able to express myself in a way that I wasn’t able to beforehand. I gained fantastic friends and enjoyed spending countless hours at the studio.

We competed four times at regional competitions and once at nationals. I spent most, if not all my days, after school at the studio and continued to grow. I realized after that this would be the best thing I’ve done in my childhood. 

While I greatly enjoyed dancing at Barb’s, I realized that high school was going to demand a lot. I realized that there were other ways to continue dancing and not compete so often. Because of this, I decided to stop dancing at Barb’s going into my junior year and do the NDA musical and SNC’s Next Stage production of Newsies. I greatly enjoyed continuing to dance on stage and be involved in something new. 

The Academy Awards finished my 11-year dancing career in the best way possible. I was able to finish it with someone who has been by my side for about nine years and counting, Molly Fitzgerald. We created a duet for my talent and danced one last time together on the stage. 

While this is my last time dancing on the stage, I am incredibly grateful and blessed to have experienced something as great as this. I’m grateful for my mother for introducing me to dance and to all of my fantastic teachers and friends that I’ve gotten close with during these years. I would be nowhere without their advice, guidance and friendship.

I cannot put into words what dance has done for me and how thankful I am for Barb Cedegren and her studio. I thank God for putting me into a position to experience happiness and joy during my childhood. 

While this does mark the end of my dancing career and dancing on the stage, I don’t think i’ll ever be officially done from dance. This isn’t something you can ever be “done” with.