Music Suggestions for Safer-at-Home Listening

Maxwell Timmer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

As the Coronavirus and online school continues, students like myself are trying to find anything to do while social distancing. One way to pass the time is listen to music that you haven’t heard in a while or to listen to new music.

Here are my three albums to listen to during the many hours stuck inside your home. 

        Circles by Mac Miller

This is Mac Miller’s first posthumous release after his unexpected death in 2018. This album, as Miller himself said, is supposed to perfectly accompany his Swimming album which was released in August of 2018.

Circles, as Dan Schwartz of Rolling Stone magazine puts it, “explores sorrow while remaining unwaveringly optimistic.” This album examines many ideas of happiness and sorrow. It is a fantastic album by my personal favorite artist of all time.

My personal favorites from this album are: “Blue World,” “Good News” and “I Can See” (which features background vocals from Mac’s previous girlfriend Ariana Grande). 


         Assume Form by James Blake

This is James Blake’s fourth studio album after his 2013 release. This album progresses Blake’s career as a producer and songwriter. The alternative style used throughout the album is refreshing compared to what is normally played on the radio.

Assume Form feels like Blake opening out, adding fresh, noticeably brighter colours to his palette,” explained Alexis Petridis, a writer from The Guardian. This album takes a step away from Blake’s previous work and expands on his collection.

This abstract album is deserving of a listen and if you enjoy this album, I highly recommend looking at more of Blake’s work. My personal favorites from this album are: “Can’t Believe The Way We Flow,” “Assume Form”and “Where’s The Catch? “


         Phase by Jack Garratt

This is Jack Garratt’s first studio album, which was released in 2016. While this album is older compared to Circles and Assume Form, it still is a relatively unknown gem. Garratt’s first album incorporates a wide variety of styles, which is risky for a first album. Even with the many styles, Garratt is able to establish a tone early in the album and grow on it throughout.

This album is hopefully just the stepping stone for Garratt, as he has not released an album after this. I highly recommend this album for listening during the break. My personal favorites from this album are: “Worry,” “The Love You’re Given” and “Water” (acoustic).