Students Explain What It’s Like to Have a Parent at School


Elizabeth Rickards, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

“Your mom is awesome!” is a phrase I have heard many times before.

Don’t get me wrong, having my mom at school is great. It can’t be great all the time, however; some bad has to come with the good. 

Junior Maggie Thillman also gets comments about her IB English teacher/mom. “People tell me that my mom is really nice but bad with technology,” she said. 

Having a parent at school is an entirely different ball game from not having one here. Your parent, the person who checks your grades and gets phone calls from the office about detention, is in the same building and knows your schedule.  

You have to choose between calling them “Mom” and/or “Dad” and “Mr.” and “Ms.” Some people assume you know some “hot tea” and will try to get it from you. 

All the teachers know who you are and they know whom to call. 

There are plenty of advantages, however, that really help.

“Sometimes it can be a little weird if I see her around, but it’s also nice to hang my coat in her room,” said Autumn Mayer.

“Coming to high school was way easier, knowing you will have a familiar face to see,” said senior Owen Campbell, “except people in school can easily find out how much cooler she is than me.”

“I had my dad for Honors Algebra II last year and it was pretty fun. The hard part was making sure all of my work in his class was perfect because he would be quick to correct me at home,” explained Riley Guyette. “The positive was being able to get help with problems whenever I would need it.”

Junior Elizabeth McKenna said, “Honestly, I love having one of my parents working at school… He is there if I need anything, or when I need a place to put my cross country bag, I can leave it in there.”

Evie and Charlie Rickards both agreed that having a mom at school helped when “you forget to get things signed,” but is not so fun when she is “the first to know if you act up in class and get an F.”

There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages to having a parent in the same building all day, but in the end, you do end up eating dinner with them at home.