Drama Club to Meet, Practice Virtually


Libby Rickards, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The Drama Club is back in business!

Teacher and musical director Andrea Gilson met virtually with Drama Club officers who all agreed that they wanted the Drama Club to continue in a virtual setting.

“I have found much success teaching Public Performance via Zoom and know that participating in theatre games and acting out scenes can work effectively on a virtual platform,” stated Mrs. Gilson.

Drama Club is open to all students, no matter if you have a history with acting or not. Every activity is in a positive group environment, where you will not be put on the spot to perform in front of everyone.

The first meeting is on Wednesday, October 28, at 2 p.m. via Zoom, and the link can be found on the Student News published online every week. A Google Classroom has also been created with the Zoom link and more information. Contact Mrs. Gilson if you have any questions.

“Come join us Wednesday for fun and figuring out how to do Kumcha virtually,” said Junior Charlie Rickards.