Many NDA Students Influenced by Birder Studio Experience

Elizabeth Rickards, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Birder has made me appreciate a love for theater and fine arts as well as life-lasting skills,” said Molly Kukiela, a junior at Notre Dame Academy. 

Kukiela is just one of the many NDA students who have been influenced by their participation at Birder Studio of Performing Arts. 

  “I have been at Birder for eight years, ever since we moved here,” Kukiela continued, “Being at Birder helped me gain a lot of self-confidence and made me really excel at public speaking. It also helped me make so many more friends from all around Green Bay, resulting in many close bonds that students who play club sports would understand.”

According to its website, Birder Studio is a nonprofit performing arts studio committed to pursuing the artistic talents and ideals of all ages while instilling “confidence, creativity, and discipline.”

Kukiela isn’t the only NDA student that Birder has left an impression on.  

Senior Aidan Guiou, who starred in a summer production of “Chorus Line,” said, “I’ve been acting with Birder pretty much continuously for about four years. Birder gave me a way to meet people, especially since I was going to be changing schools soon after I moved here. It also made me more comfortable with putting myself out there and being ‘weird’ or distinctive.” 

“Musically speaking,” he continued, “ it’s made me a much better singer.”

Emily Hoeppner, a sophomore, has been involved with Birder Studio since she was three years old.  “I practically grew up there,” she said.

“Birder has impacted my life in so many ways,” she added.  “I’ve learned so much about performing and have grown to fall in love with being on stage. Birder gives me a chance to perform multiple shows, but also learn new skills in dancing, singing and acting while attending classes.” 

Like Kukiela and Guiou, she also appreciates the people she meets at Birder. “We are just one great big family, and I am so blessed to be a part of it!”