Spring Play Still an Unknown Due to Pandemic

Sydney Berndt, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Olivia Berndt, a senior who had a lead role in last year’s cancelled spring play, described the spring play atmosphere as “a place where we can unwind after school with people of similar interests.” 

Senora Crystal Dory, Spanish teacher and play director, couldn’t agree more that the spring plays are “a community where there is something for everyone.”

Dory is very confident that COVID fears will die down with maybe a vaccine by spring. This would mean a new spring play or putting on the play from last year.

She predicts that they would probably have to work a lot of hours to put the play on because they would start the process later than usual. 

Optimistic about the play coming off next semester?  Berndt said, “Not very, but I’m hoping we can.” 

“I still count last year’s play as a production.  We all worked really hard on it,” said the Spanish teacher/play director. 

The decision to put on a new play or not has a lot of aspects that need to be considered. 

 “Last year’s play was really special to me because it was my first play being a cast member not stage crew.  It was also really funny, and I think the audience would enjoy it. So I would rather do last year’s play,” said Berndt. 

Doing last year’s play leaves the question of who is going to fill the roles of people who graduated. A new play would mean restarting the process of choosing a script and cast. 

“It takes hours and hours of research [to find the right script],” explained Dory. 

The ultimate factor might be the coronavirus situation.