Auditions This Week for Spring Plays

Kylie Callaway, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

This year Notre Dame will perform two one-act plays for the annual spring play production. Spanish teacher Crystal Dory chose the plays and will direct them.

Dory calls the opportunity to direct the spring play an honor she could not resist. Her theatrical background goes back to high school productions and includes work with companies in Milwaukee.

“The most unique challenge was in finding shows where it is possible to social distance actors, but also not to give up what makes up a play,” explained the director.

The two parts of the spring production include “a play of heart-warming conversations” called “Our Place” and a second play called “My Thoughts Not Exactly,” which is filled with humor and laughter. 

According to Dory, there are unique characteristics that make up a play. One of these features is the number of cast members. The more individuals there are allows multiple individuals to be involved. Not only this, but the audience has to be engaged, and the actors must accurately portray the script. The expectation is for the audience to experience the trials and tribulations that the play is exhibiting. This way, the audience is able to relate to what is being shown. The play is meant to challenge the cast and increase their acting abilities.    

Everyone has a chance to try out for the school play. The tryouts are on February 23 and 24 with a total of 22 roles cast that may be doubled. The auditions are in person, but there is an option for virtual. 

In order to do the virtual option, an individual is required to fill a form. Each person’s audition must consist of a two-to-three minute monologue, along with cold readings of the provided script. 

While rehearsing, cast members will stay socially distanced, along with the performances on April 22-24. 

Not only does NDA have the school play and musical coming up, but there will also be a virtual Academy Awards Show. 

 Over the years, Mrs. Dory has watched multiple performances, including Mr. NDA and the subsequent Academy Awards. Her favorite act over the years was a cheerleading act done by Katherine Zeise and Mitch Chosa.