Emcees Chosa & Ruffell Ready to Host Academy Awards 2021

Kylie Callaway, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The Academy Awards will still occur this year, even though the pandemic has changed it to a virtual show shown in advisories April 12-16.

 One thing that is staying the same is having two emcees, and Laney Chosa and Sam Ruffell will be taking on this role. 

Ruffell, who saw all the talent performances being videotaped, said there is definitely a great deal of competition this year between all of the contestants. For Ruffell,it is hard to choose the top competitor.

I honestly couldn’t tell you. My co-emcee and I were given the opportunity to view the talents of the contestants early on, and they all brought on strong performances like no other. It’ll be quite the task for the judges to decide who’s getting crowned at the Academy Awards this year.” 

When it comes to the emcee role, there are many benefits to having a partner on stage. Together they form a pair to bounce off each other’s talents. Chosa and Ruffell must write introductions, make comments to enhance the competitors’ talent acts and just generally keep the show running smoothly.  They will not only have virtual work but also narrate the livestreamed Q & A session and crowning of the winner on April 16.

“I’m very excited to work with Lainey. Not only is she exceptionally talented on and off stage, but she brings the perfect amount of energy, charisma and creativity to the role of an emcee. I’ve had a great pleasure working with her already to some extent, and it has been an absolute blast,” said Ruffell.

Many elements make up the Academy Awards. Watching all of the acts and performing in it are just a few. One of the best features is the sense of community and the energy. No matter who wins, the competitors are always closer in the end. 

For Sam Ruffell, many things led him to pursue being an emcee.

I attended the event a few years ago and watching the show, I was enthralled almost immediately. The production design and the sheer amount of effort put into the show was such a captivating sight to see. At that moment, I knew I wanted to be a part of the Academy Awards,” said Ruffell.