Auditions October 11-12 for Musical

Auditions October 11-12 for Musical

Riley Guyette, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Directors Andrea Gilson and Chris Salerno recently announced this year’s musical to be Footloose

In Footloose, a boy named Ren McCormack moves to a small town where dancing is outlawed. 

McCormack and his friends must work together to bring dancing back to the town and heal it of its tragedy. 

Footloose is fun and nostalgic,” Gilson explained. “It will have a larger cast than previous years and allow students to showcase their dancing and performance skills.” 

After last year’s fully online show, Gilson is looking forward to hosting a more typical performance. 

“I think the musical is a positive experience that fosters growth and relationships,” she explained. “I am looking forward to holding ‘normal’ rehearsals and presenting more opportunities for the cast and crew to bond.” 

Gilson’s co-director agreed. 

“I am so excited that we can now have more students on stage, continuing to social distance as necessary, and  have most students sing without masks,” said Salerno. “I’m very excited about the music and dancing and the opportunity for students to have a fun time.”  

The directors will have the help of pit orchestra director Steve Johnson and technical director Jake Gerlikovski. 

The show will be performed on January 20 – 23 with auditions being held on October 11-12.

Students interested in auditioning are encouraged to join the Google Classroom with the code found in the written announcements.