Auditions for Musical Set for October 10-11


Riley Guyette, Editor-in-Chief, Online Tritonian

Auditions for this year’s musical, The Little Mermaid, are beginning soon.

The first will be held October 10, from 3:30 to 6:00, and the second will be the very next day from 5:30 to 8:00.

Auditions will be held in the auditorium. 

Students are expected to sing a song of their choice, preferably from memory. 

This year, students must bring a track to accompany their song as there will not be an accompanist this year. 

Immediately following the singing portion of the audition, dancing auditions will be held. 

For this, students can refer to the dance posted on the musical’s google classroom page to be watched beforehand. 

Director Andrea Gilson is looking to cast approximately 35 students this year. 

This large cast is one of the primary reasons Gilson picked The Little Mermaid—she wanted a show with a wide variety of roles.

Additionally, she wanted a show that would get people in the seats, and a show that students would want to try out for. 

Gilson feels pressured by the immense success that was Footloose the year prior. 

She explained, “I was very proud of the cast and crew and pit orchestra of Footloose, so I know it’s going to be a show that’s hard to beat, but I’m going into this show with a lot of positive energy knowing that we have such talent at the school.”

Auditioning for the musical could be a life-altering experience.

Senior Emily Hoeppner has been involved in NDA’s musicals for all of her three years prior.

“Being in the musical is so important to me because it gives me the opportunity to do what I love this the people I love,” she said. “The musical is a very positive experience that I will remember forever.”

This sentiment was echoed by Emilie Chamberlain, senior, who has also been involved with the musical’s all through high school.

“The musical has been the highlight of my school year every year since I was a freshman,” the senior explained explained. “The atmosphere is always fun, welcoming, and exciting.”

While Chamberlain is sad that The Little Mermaid will be her final performance at the school, she explained, “I am glad that my final show will be such a fun production.”