Fall Fest Week: Themes, Schedule, Words of Gratitude


Jacob VanOoyen, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Fall Fest Week has arrived, and here is your weekly breakdown. Starting off the week strong starts before you even come to school. 

Ditch your uniform on Monday and get your fall flannel-themed outfits ready. 

On Monday all students who purchase a pin for two dollars will be able to participate in the dress-up activities for the week. This money will be part of the charity that will also be announced on Monday during the advisory prayer service. 

Make sure to go all out because throughout the week there will be a best-dressed contest for people fully indulging in the theme, and a winner will be announced. 

Tuesday is Generations Day. Each grade will dress in their corresponding generation: Freshman-Kids, Sophomore-Teenagers, Juniors-Adults and Seniors-Senior Citizens.

In addition to the Tuesday dress-down there will also be a TGB event during the advisory time. 

Wednesday is all things Chick-fil-a with Chick-fil-a sandwiches being served at lunch and people dressed in Chick-fil-a colors and merchandise. Make sure to have cash to be able to purchase a sandwich. These are limited stock so get them while you can. 

Wednesday is also the day for freshman class president’s speeches. These speeches will be given to all of the freshmen during advisory time.

Thursday’s dress theme is Zoom Day, business on top and comfortable on the bottom. During the advisory on Thursday there will be another TGB contest. It’s a secret, but I hope you can figure it out…

To wrap it all up on Friday there will be the final TGB Battle in the auditorium and classes will be on an assembly schedule. 

The final dress-down theme for the week is childhood self. So pull out those scrap books and find a picture of yourself when you were young and dress the same exact way, Feel free to bring in the photo so we can see how closely you resemble the picture. 

Fall Fest will be a blast and a huge thanks to the many members of Student Government, our advisers and the students who have joined our planning meetings. You are the ones responsible for our week of special activities.