Musical “Newbie” Amazed by What He’s Experiencing


Jacob VanOoyen, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

As a new member to the musical family, I have never been happier with a decision that I have made.

I have never met such a fun and energetic group of people in my life. Everyone is so happy and excited to do something they love.

As a new person partaking in my first musical, everyone has been so welcoming and wanting me to succeed.

I had Mrs Gilson as an English teacher in the past and currently in Public Performance. I have seen a completely new side of her as well; she is just as excited for this production as the cast is. 

I never knew how much time and effort was put into the production and have found a new passion for people of all musical talents. 

Musical productions in the past have always been so much fun to watch ever since I was a child, but watching did not even come close to my understanding of how much goes into a production– from costumes, to the set, to blocking, acting, orchestra, and singing. 

There are so many different moving parts, and everyone plays a very important role to keep everything going. We are like a well-oiled machine, and with one piece missing the whole thing does not work.

We have so much amazing talent here at Notre Dame, and it amazes me every rehearsal how amazing some people’s voices are that I have never heard before.

With our being almost halfway through the experience, it has been a blast.  Of course, it has not always been smooth sailing, from someone leaving to having the wrong music. It’s all about persevering and making it better and better each time and fixing what needs to be fixed.   

Personally I have not had too much of a musical history compared to others. When I was younger, I went to vocal lessons and competed and also learned how to play the guitar, piano and trumpet. But I had stopped all of it by the time I got to high school.

Looking back, a part of me wishes I would have never stopped and that way I could see if I would be even close in ability to some of the others in the cast. 

The production will be performed the third week of January, and I could not be more excited for everyone to see how hard we have been working and see the whole production come together.