Early Spring Band Concert Features All Six NDA Bands


Riley Guyette, Editor-in-Chief, Online Tritonian

Monday, February 20, the school held its early spring band concert.

All of the school’s bands performed in the concert including the jazz, symphonic brass, brass wind ensemble, brass woodwind ensemble, wind ensemble and Triton concert bands. 

Some of the jazz band soloists included Hannah Beals, Camden Chrudimsky, Manami Hikita and Madeline Tricarico.

The concert additionally saw the guest appearance of Ken Barhite, who filled in for Jair Rincon Simon. 

Band members have been working on their pieces since they got back from break.

Senior Hannah Beals-Romero was involved in jazz band, woodwind choir, concert band and wind ensemble.

While Beals primarily plays the flute, this event allowed her to play the alto saxophone and clarinet in a concert setting. 

The concert was also important to her because of the community of musicians she performed with. She explained, “This concert had its tricky spots, and it has been an absolute blessing being able to watch my friends grow and tackle these pieces head on.” 

The same sentiment was held by Camden Chrudimsky who said, “The combined bands allowed me to see the tremendous improvement of the underclassmen and appreciate all the hard work they have put in.” 

Chrudimsky performed in the jazz and concert bands as well as the brass ensemble. 

Eli Connaher, senior, was involved in the jazz band and brass ensemble playing the bass trombone. 

The senior explained that this concert was a “good representation of where the band program can go,” saying, “it is nice to see that it will be in good hands after the seniors are gone.” 

Sophomore Gabby Jackson played the flute, tenor saxophone and clarinet in the jazz band and woodwind choir.

“This concert gave me a chance to learn from my fellow musicians and grow closer with my classmates,” she said. “This concert brought us all together in a final highlight of the hard work and dedication put in by the students.”