Some Familiar Stars, Along with Newbies, in Cast of Spring Play


Frannie Wied, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The cast list for this year’s spring play, Deceiving Granny, has been posted with much anticipation for what looks to be an entertaining performance. 

Twenty-six students auditioned for 18 roles, even with the unpredictable weather and snow days that occurred during the auditions. Director Crystal. Dory says that the casting process is difficult every year with so much talent to choose from at NDA. 

“There is so much talent at NDA, and the decision does not come easily. We have an amazing cast of 18 talented students and an amazing backstage crew as well!” said Dory. 

The cast list is as follows:

Emily Hoeppner . .   MARGARET: Mid 20s, sweet and good-natured. 

Adalyn Weiss. . . KELSEY: Margaret’s best friend, sharp-tongued. 

Elijah Bieker. . . SAM: Margaret’s husband, loyal with a good sense for business. 

Cody Huss . . .ROB: Well-intended, good-natured and sometimes a bit dim.

Camille Lawrence. . . ABBY: A thief, loves to boss Drake around 

Jeremy Jarocki. . . DRAKE: A “tough guy” thief. Very comical but not very bright.

Pip McGinnity Schneider. . . OFFICER TINA: The neighborhood’s new police officer. 

Grace Goh. . . GRANDMA: A sweet little old woman, confused. 

Amelia Chrudimsky. . . OLD LADY: A brass old woman.

Maame Asiamah. . . COURTNEY: A young lawyer. Smart and determined.

Beckett Chambers . . .PETE: Late 70s, taxi driver. 

Jack  Berndt. . . DAVE: The guy next door

Maya Christensen. . . Marie: Dave’s wife, loves to nag.

Evelyn Rickards. . . A mother – pushy and loud, helping her daughter sell Girl Scout cookies

Brianna Flores. . . A daughter – timid and shy

Shaun Huss. . . The neighborhood teen – wants to help do yard work to make money

Jenaya Jaslowski. . . A young law clerk – Assistant to Courtney, young and naive.

Riley Hess. . . A young cop – Assistant to Officer Tina

Due to the unforeseen weather conditions, the audition and casting process was slightly harder this year as opposed to past years. Usually, the cast list is posted Friday, with rehearsals starting Monday, but this year, it was posted Monday morning, and rehearsals started that afternoon. Dory said that “it was a bit of a challenge, but it all worked out.”

“Although auditions hit a snag with the snow storm and snow days, we still had an outstanding number of students who auditioned,”she said. 

So what is Deceiving Granny all about? The story follows newlyweds Sam and Margaret Howard when they discover they are in line to inherit $3.5 million from his great-grandmother that he’s never actually met. But, before they can be added to the will, his great-grandmother wants to meet the couple face to face. 

Alas, nothing during their meeting goes smoothly. From burglars arriving to hiding an expensive diamond necklace, the action is nonstop. Their friends, Rob and Kelsey, go to extremes to help the newlyweds when they think the “real” great-grandmother has died after eating peanuts. 

Can they pull off this scam? You’ll have to watch the play to find out! 

This year people can also expect a large on-stage set that was deleted in previous years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The set will include a living room and dining room, with the actors being on stage almost the whole time. Dory describes the play as “non-stop action and laughs.”

“Having a set built onstage is a challenge to do, but I think it will add so much to the show, and the audience will love to watch the chaos unfold from room to room,” said Dory. 

She describes the play as “non-stop action and laughs.”

“This play is a comedy and farce.  The audience will be able to see all that is going on, but the actors will be clueless about what is going on inside the house.  It is going to be very entertaining,” said the director. 

The cast will have rehearsals Monday through Thursday for a couple of hours, and as they get closer to the show, they will rehearse for longer and on the weekends. They will have a set build on April 1st, and anyone is welcome to come and help out. 

Opening night is Thursday, April 27, at 7 o’clock, with performances on Friday and Saturday nights, as well.