NDA Band Members Raise Money at Culver’s to Repair Tuba

NDA Band Members Raise Money at Culvers to Repair Tuba

Ben Wolcanski, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Four NDA band students raised money at Culver’s on 4/11 to not only repair a tuba that was broken but also buy a new case for it.

“We fundraised by delivering people’s food to them and a good portion of the money the food cost we earned,” said Adam Nienow, a junior here at NDA and one of the band students who raised money at Culver’s. 

The students delivered food to customers seated in the restaurant and also delivered food outside to the customers in the drive through. 

The band students did not have a set goal and only wanted to fix the tuba that had been broken earlier in the year. 

“Our goal was to raise as much money as possible. We didn’t have a goal,” said Nienow.

Kevin Angoa, Adam Nienow, Josh Metzintine and Jair Rincon-Simon helped raise the money and had a great time doing it. 

“It was fun talking to the employees and talking to the people that we gave the food to. Overall it was a great experience just hanging out with a couple of friends running inside and outside to deliver food,” said Angoa.

“I had a great time fundraising because I was just messing around with Kevin and a bunch of other Culver’s employees that were working,” said Nienow.