Medicine and Health Society Club Fosters Career Awareness

Abby Almonte, Staff Writer

Many students of Notre Dame Academy, and especially seniors, are looking forward to studying medicine in college.  NDA created the Medicine and Health Society Club to provide an opportunity for these students to learn about this field.

“I joined the Medicine and Health Society club because I wanted to get involved in the medical community and see what it was all about before I left for college,” said senior club member Rachael Shilbauer.

The club was started by Doctor James Warpinski, who is a board certified physician that believes in a community-based approach to asthma care and education. He specializes in types of asthma, allergies, and sinus problems.

“Every meeting, Dr. Warpinski brings in a variety of topics to discuss and give us knowledge about different aspects of the medical field. He often brings in other people to speak to us about their involvement in the field,” said senior club member Kristen Tomcheck.

The Medicine and Health Society Club has come together with Dr. Warpinski to organize a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) class specifically for Notre Dame Academy students in the coming summer.

“I’m really excited to attend,” said senior club member Hope Sievert regarding the class. “Being in the Medicine and Health Society Club has helped me learn more about what to expect in the future and the commitment needed to get there.”

“The club has inspired me to find different aspects I am interested in. Last year I was inspired by an upperclassman to pursue my certified nursing assistant certificate,” said Tomcheck, who saw a poster for the club her junior year and decided to join because of her interest in the medicine field. “I currently work as a CNA and love it. This club has really helped me to discover my love for the medical field.”

No matter what area one would decide to branch off to in the medical field, medicine may always be challenging, but as equally and sometimes even more rewarding.

“I learned all the fun and challenging aspects of being in the medical field,” said Shilbauer. “It gives us a behind the scenes look at what it is really like to be a part of the medical field.”

Whether or not you know anything about the medical field currently or hope to in the future, the club is seen to be a great opportunity to spark an interest.

“I did not know anything about the medical field and I feel that I have explored many areas within. I also enjoy talking with other kids in the school about their experiences,” said Tomcheck.

As graduation nears, many students already have their sights set on the college they want along with their desired area of study.

“I hope to become a genetic counselor, or at least study something in genetics. This club has really opened the doors about all the different types of careers there are in the medical field,” said Shilbauer

“I plan on attending the University of Iowa to pursue a degree in radiation therapy,” said Tomcheck.

“I plan on going into medicine in the future and becoming a physician’s assistant. This club has helped me learn that it is possible to go into the medical field and still have time to balance your life,” said Sievert.