CW14 Star, NDA Alumna Loves the Limelight

Emily Gibson, Staff Writer

The lights are on, the camera  is rolling and all eyes are on her.

As the Northeastern Wisconsin CW 14 Star, NDA Class of 2009 alumna Katie Phernetton is used to being at the center of attention.

The CW 14 gig is a selected position where Phernetton was chosen from over 40 applicants. She works with marketing and commercials and is known as the on-air personality.

“I know what makes news here,” Phernetton said. “I know what people want to hear about.”

Growing up and living in Green Bay is certainly a big plus, but she said she has ambitions for a greater news market.

“There are 210 news markets in America. Green Bay is around number 70,” Phernetton said. “I would love to be at a top 15 market someday, such as Minneapolis.”

Phernetton’s news career is rooted in all of the activities she did in high school. She was involved in the yearbook committee, drama, Public Performance and hosted Mr. NDA her senior year.

“I loved public speaking and I just loved talking to people,” Phernetton said.

“Katie was a very strong writer and leader in class,” said English teacher Miss Stefanie Jochman. “She was very confident, personable and willing to talk to people, which is a quality I think every good news anchor has.”

Phernetton is known as very respectful, friendly and a girl with lots of spirit. “She has a lot of moxie, she is willing to do a lot of things and try a lot of things,” Jochman said. “I could see her on The Today Show.”

Her personality is certainly memorable to most that meet her.

“She’s really outgoing and nice to everyone,” said Lindsay Gibson, a former classmate of Phernetton’s.

Her first job in the news world was as a junior host for the CP telethon. After that she started the broadcasting program at Winona State University where she attended for two years working at the college’s radio station.

She moved back to Green Bay to be closer to family and is currently in her fifth year of college at UWGB, working to earn a degree in communications. She said she has a very tight schedule with school and a full time job.

When the opportunity for CW 14 Star came around, she said she was encouraged by her family and friends and knew it was something she could not pass up.

Phernetton said she has enjoyed working there so much and has had a lot of fun getting involved in the community. She said her job contract was extended another year.

She said she is thoroughly enjoying her time as the CW 14 Star and getting to connect with people. “I got to see different stories that I never knew were out there,” Phernetton said.

She said some of her favorite experiences include interviewing the Friends of Appleton North Club, which is a fan club for kids with special needs, and  talking to the actress who played Nala, from The Lion King musical, when it came to Appleton. Another favorite was Hamburger Days in Seymour, where she got to ride down a ketchup slide.

She credits her time at NDA with a lot of her recent success.

“The core values of NDA are something that will stick with you,” Phernetton said. “Always leading with those values and presenting yourself with strong character is what will set you up for success.”