Academy Chatter: What is your favorite NDA memory?

Mrs. Carolyn Brown, staff:  “Every time I open the door to the auditorium I remember the very first time I came to Notre Dame.  I was new to Green Bay and saw the school.  I came into the building and pulled on the auditorium door.  Mr. Schumacher, the assistant principal then, saw me and unlocked the door for me.  I remember looking at the auditorium and thinking ‘Wow!’  I never dreamed, of course, that one day I would be teaching in there.”

Dante Jadin, senior: “Mr. NDA because it gave me the opportunity to spend time with 14 other guys and everyone else who worked hard to make it possible and practiced hard to put on a show for the school. It was a night to remember.”

Olivia Campbell, junior: “Winning State in basketball because winning state had been my dream since I was a little girl, and to have it come true was the best feeling ever.”

Max Roitstein, junior: “My first Mr. NDA because it met all the hype.”

Maddie VanSaders, junior: “When the dance team had almost the whole school there for our 2014 State Send Off because it made me realize how much our community cares about making every team feel important no matter how big or small your team may be.”

Corinne Meglic, sophomore: “NDVB team bonding because they are my family, and I love them.”

Shannon Kauffman, junior: “Making it to a circle table.”

Christian Zimonick, junior: “When I caught a ball in gym class that one time.”

Olivia Escalante, freshman: “Going to Hannah Dercks’ house before Fall Fest.”

Olivia Allen, freshman: “My favorite moment was freshman orientation.”

Claire Therrien, freshman: “Meeting Ben…”

Danielle Lippert, freshman: Going to Hannah’s house for Fall Fest.”

Ben Lelinski, freshman: “Fall Fest.”

Deidre Bellmore, freshman: “Football games.”

Meg McHugh, freshman: “Going to Hannah’s house for dinner before Fall Fest.”

Evan Watzka, junior: “Watching Charlie throw touchdown passes to Nick.”

John Savona, senior: “I loved Tuesday practices.”

Blake Olejniczak, junior: “The Southwest game, or Mr.NDA.”

Chris Wolcanski, junior: “Mr.NDA was fun this year!”

Derek Campbell, senior: ”Playing varsity sophomore year for football. That was interesting.”

Ty Yewman, senior: ”Being a part of Mr.NDA senior year was a ton of fun.”

Jack Peterman, senior: ”I was in Hardy’s skit of Mr.NDA junior year and we had a good time.”

Olivia Escalante-Ortiz, freshman: “Going to my friend’s house before Fall Fest because there were a lot of people there and good picture opportunities.”

Daniel Patz, freshman: “When I met one of my friends for the first time.”

Andy Lampereur, freshman: “Mrs. Brown’s class because it is very fun.”

Phillip Schneider, freshman: “I made new friends.”

Lilly Brada, freshman: “Summer gym because there I met many of my friends.”

Esmeralda Vera, freshman: “ Making new friends.”

Alex Wasilkoff, sophomore: “ The musical because it was fun making new friends.”

Jack Allen, freshman: “Football season was my favorite memory so far.”

Bryce Poshak, freshman: “My first goal playing on the varsity hockey team.”

Gracie DeGroot, freshman: “Being Greg Young’s escort, now Mr. NDA and Mr. Titletown.”

Jadon Motquin, sophomore: “Going to state for soccer, hockey, and lacrosse.”

Maddie Woodward, freshman: “Being a Mr. NDA escort.”

Meghan Yakel, freshman: “Volleyball season for sure.”

Kiki Kusso, freshman: “When I split my pants.”

Regan Umentum, freshman: “Being able to be a part of the football games and get made fun of by the upperclassmen.”

Jack Halama, freshman: “Fall Fest, my first high school dance.”

Trudy Quidzinski, freshman: “NDA football games.”

Josey McClain, freshman: “Band trips.”

Eliza Stackhouse, freshman: “Theology with Mr. Mal.”

Jenn Cluckey, freshman: “Pep band games.”

Andrew Schaut. freshman: “My first week of German class, when Ben Lelinski was affectionately nicknamed ‘Skütz.’”

David Letter, freshman: “Playing sports.”

Lily Schumacher, freshman: Open house night when German Club played Pictionary and ate tacos.”

Morgan VanDrisse, freshman: “Football games.”

Keith Hansford, freshman: “Playing sports.”