Academy Chatter: What is your favorite weekend activity?

Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Jack Ritchay, senior: “Hanging out with friends because it’s better than being alone.”

Sam Wagner, junior: “Playing soccer because I can play with my friends.”

John Lehman, senior: “Hangin’ out with the guys.”

Ben Janquart, senior: “Playing hockey with friends because it’s fun.”

Keeghan Brick, senior: “Nexflixing, there is nothing like curling up and watching a good movie.”

Lydia White, senior: “Late night drives and getting lost with Callie.”

Evan Watzka, junior: “Playing soccer and hanging with friends you know.”

Bethany McCole, senior: “ Taking my private jet to Beyonce’s.”

Jake Hilliard, senior: “Gaming on the PS4 is always a good time.”

Ty Yewman, senior: “I love playing intramural basketball and going to any school sports events that are going on.”

Cora Nesvacil, freshman: “Sleeping.”

Eliza Stackhouse, freshman: “Praying.”

Lauren Hummel, freshman: “Hanging out with Brennan.”

Jenn Cluckey, freshman: “Watching Netflix because it’s fun.”

Ana Holzbach, freshman: “Working out.”

Wade Druar, freshman: “Making things out of metal because it is fun to do.”

Wyatt Druar, freshman: “Watching movies because it’s fun.”

Andrew Grusen, freshman: “I love to go out and play hockey with friends because it’s a great way to get outside in the winter and hang out with friends.”

Kate Sullivan, freshman: “Hanging out with friends because I have the best friends in the world.”

Jack Allen, freshman: “Playing hockey because it is fun to play with friends and it is relaxing.”

Maddie Woodward, freshman: “Playing soccer because I get to see my friends and do something I love to do.”

Meghan Yakel, freshman: “Hanging out with friends because they are awesome and sleeping because I don’t get a lot of it during the school week.”

Cole Cullen, freshman: “Snowmobiling because it is my natural high.”

Charlie Lemkuil, freshman: “Playing hockey because I get to play with my friends and get exercise.”

Abby Anderson, freshman: “Hockey for sure and working out because I love it. I enjoy being so tired and having my teammates yelling for me on the bench saying good job, and smacking my helmet and laughing and cheering. It’s great having people having your back.”

Olivia Blumb, freshman: “Going to Door County because there are always new activities to do.”

Olivia Escalante, freshman: “Sleeping in because I don’t get to do it during week days.”

Colton Lippert, senior: “Watching football because I love football.”

Ashlyn Arett, freshman: “Soccer because it’s what I’ve done my whole life. I love it, and I’m with people I love when I do it.”

Deidre Bellmore, freshman: Hanging out with friends and family because it’s relaxing and enjoyable to be with people you love!”

Lauren Welker, freshman: “Hanging with friends because it’s fun to be around people you love. Also sleeping because there’s never time to do that during the week.”

Alma Torres, junior: “I love spending time with my family because our busy schedules make it rare that we can sit together and watch a movie or something.”

Emily Ness, junior: “Being lazy because I don’t get to be lazy during the week.”

Liz Markland, junior: “Hanging out with my friends because it’s super fun.”

Andrea Ball, junior: “Going to the basketball games because they are so fun and I get to be with my friends!”

Jack Lemkuil, junior: “Reading because it is nice to relax after a long week.”

Max Roitstein, junior: “Watching Netflix because it is relaxing.”

Ingrid Hirte, junior: “I love playing volleyball because I love my team and being challenged.”

Olivia Allen, freshman: “Playing volleyball because it lets me be active and hang out with friends at the same time.”

Deidre Bellmore, freshman: “Hanging out with family and friends or eating other people’s food and leaving.”

Denice Aispuro, freshman: “Sleeping in because I can’t do that everyday.”

Claire Therrien, freshman: “Hanging out with friends because I mean who doesn’t want to do that.”

Ben Lelinski, freshman: “Hunting because it is so peaceful and really fun with the chance if you will see something or not, or hanging with Deidre because she is very special.”

Danielle Lippert, freshman: “Visiting my family because they don’t live in Green Bay, and I love being able to hang out with my aunts, uncles and cousins.”

Madison Remington, sophomore: “Hanging out with my friends because after a long week of school it’s really nice to be able to hang out with people who you can relax and just have fun with.”