Three Veteran Teachers Talk about Themselves, Their Love of Teaching

Olivia Blumb, Michael Trigueros, Chandler Zak, Staff Writers

With the start of the school year, the Online Tritonian interviewed three of NDA’s veteran teachers with professional and personal questions.  Mrs. Ann Hollenback teaches biology, Mrs. Sue Nelson teaches physics and Mr. Harry Geiser teaches math.

What is your favorite aspect of teaching?  

Mrs. Hollenback: My students, especially seeing the sophomores grow in knowledge and personality.

Mrs. Nelson: I like working with my students. One on one is the best because we get to know each other better  

Mr. Geiser: New faces and new ideas every year.


What is your pet peeve?

Mrs. Hollenback: When talented people don’t use their gifted abilities.

Mrs. Nelson: I hate loss of class time.

Mr. Geiser: Students who don’t do homework.


What hobbies or special interests do you enjoy?

Mrs. Hollenback: Cooking – my motto is “Love to cook, cook to love.”  Cooking shows care towards others.

Mrs. Nelson: I like football; I watch the Packers. I also like outdoor sports like biking and hiking.

Mr. Geiser: Farming and politics.


What is something about yourself very few people know?

Mrs. Hollenback: When I was a kid, I was a tomboy and played a lot of sports.

Mrs. Nelson: I’m going to be a grandma to identical twin girls, and I also have two dogs.

Mr. Geiser: I took a nap everyday last summer.


What have been the major changes you’ve seen at NDA?

Mrs. Hollenback: Within the first year, there were lots of adjustments because of three schools coming together. This caused a lot of tension because all teachers from each school weren’t getting hired.

Mrs. Nelson: There’s a good sense of community here at NDA

Mr. Geiser: New classroom additions.


What has stayed the same?

Mrs. Hollenback: The Notre Dame tradition from the Norbertines; they were very hospitable and made people feel comfortable. It is a God-centered school.

Mrs. Nelson:  Our Catholic faith is the foundation of our school so therefore I have to say that hasn’t changed at all.

Mr. Geiser: Students are still delightful.


Why did you choose to teach at NDA?

Mrs. Hollenback: It was a natural flow because I was teaching at St. Joseph’s Academy. I knew that I wanted to stay teaching, so I applied for a position to teach biology.

Mrs. Nelson: Faith is important to me so that’s why I choose  to teach here at NDA. Also my kids used to come to NDA so that’s another reason why I am teaching at NDA.

Mr. Geiser: I needed money and a job.