Drama Club in Charge of Christmas Play

David Patz, Staff Writer

English teacher Andrea Gilson, moderator of Notre Dame Academy’s Drama Club, recently shared her vision for the club this year.

“The Drama Club is a great opportunity for all students to get involved in all aspects of theater,”  Gilson said.

Specifically, she said “her goals are to increase membership, have a Christmas play and to get more members involved in the spring play.”  

According  to Gilson, the Christmas play will a be new responsibility for the club and will be student-directed.

“I believe that whatever play we choose we will do great because we have great people running it,”  said Alex Wasilkoff, the president of the Drama Club.

Gilson said, “The administration has approved The Conversion of Mrs. Scrooge as the Christmas play.”   

The adviser has been in a play every year since third grade and was in the NDA Drama Club as a student.

She coached forensics and taught dramatic literature for five years at New Holstein High School.

Students interested in Drama Club should contact Mrs.Gilson through email, stop by to see her, or keep an eye on announcements for meetings and auditions.