Trident Staff Works All Year to Produce Quality Yearbook

Danielle Lippert, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Years from now, when most of us forget the classmates we used to see daily, we will be able to look back at yea books and remember all the memories that high school gave us. The people behind the book we wait for every year work hard on it year round.

All the way back in the beginning of the school year, the yearbook staff begins by brainstorming ideas for the theme.

“We try to chose a theme that ties into something significant about that particular school year,” said Clare Ravizza.

After the theme, they come up with names for sections and make a rough sketch of what they want the front cover to look like. The graphic designer at the company that creates the yearbooks works with the staff to bring their ideas to life.

“They always do amazing work,” said Ravizza.

After the cover, they draft designs for page layouts and choose the best ones. After that, they place the pictures and write captions.

“I would say the hardest part is the time commitment. It’s really a massive amount of work, and we have a relatively small staff,” said Ravizza.

Putting in good quality pictures and making sure there are no repeats can be difficult. They also have to come up with captions for the photos and identify who’s in those photos. They then have to verify the spelling of the names.

“While these are all relatively easy tasks, it takes a lot of time completing all of them,” said Ravizza. “I’m not sure people realize how much time and effort is really put into each year’s Trident.

While all those little things are difficult, it’s also difficult to navigate the computer program they use to design the yearbook.

“With a lot of practice, it definitely gets easier, but it’s a tricky program to work with, especially when you’re just learning and don’t know what all the functions and tools are,” said Ravizza.

Although there are many difficulties with putting the yearbook together, there are also many benefits.

“One thing that I really love about yearbook is the community. It’s a really fun group, and it’s pretty laid back,” said Ravizza. “It’s a good bonding experience.”

While the weekly work is fun, there is one thing that holds them all together: Ms. Jochman.

“She is extremely dedicated and works really hard to make sure all the pieces come together for a strong successful final product,” said Ravizza.

If you would like a yearbook, the final deadline to purchase one is April 28.