Tritones: All About Performing and Learning Music

Monica Sosa-Hernandez, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Tritones is known to “provide quality entertainment in addition to learning awesome literature,” said Christine Salerno.

Marybeth Healy, Marion Hermitanio, Elizabeth Hoeppner, Carmen Lewis, Ellen Meeuwsen, Abby Meyer, Monica Sosa-Hernandez, Sonya Gapinski, Maggie Otradovec, Emily Seidl, Hannah VandenHeuvel, Mattea Vecera, Bella Brabazon, Anna Zimmerman, Charles Peterson, Paul Gapinski and Drew Gunville are the NDA students in Tritones.

Tritones started in 2014 and was founded because the music department wanted a jazz group. If you want to get in, there are a series of tests you need to pass.

“First, you need to sight-read some music” that the music director will give you. Second, you need to scat sing. Scat singing is improvisation with sounds in jazz music.

Once you get in Tritones, you can now start to scat in a circle and learn different jazz and pop music with your fellow classmates at 6:45  in the morning.

Tritones is special because of “its special combination of students who are excited about singing, like to be with each other and have fun,” said Salerno.

“I like the people in it and the fun songs we sing,” said Brabazon,a  junior member.

“I like that everyone in Tritones likes to sing, to vocally improve and enjoys the selection of songs we sing,” said Seidl, also a junior.

“I like vocal jazz,” said Gunville, a senior.

“I like the music and students; they have lots of energy and enthusiasm,” said Salerno.

Not only does Tritones get up real early and practice, but they also perform at different local functions like lunches and Triton Fest. They also go see different vocal Jazz groups in Wausau and attend concerts at UWGB and Lawrence University. They usually spread out the dates of performances, concerts and different events.

Tritones is a talented group that can sing harmonies together and works hard to create a good sound.