Gauthier Breeds Dogs, Styles Hair, Runs Four Businesses


Thomas Zakowski

Cindy Gauthier, a former NDA student, breeds high quality Weimaraner dogs for others  so that they may love the breed that way she does.

“I own 11 dogs,” Gauthier said, all of which are Weimaraners, a breed that has coined the term“grey ghost” for always shadowing their owners, making them great family pets.

Gauthier’s personal breeding dogs include: Bella Blue; Patches; Bugs Bunny; Petunia; Salt; Vladamir; Pepper; Stella; Beckett; Paczki; and Amus. They range in age from 10 years old to 1 and a half years old. They all live on a five acre farm.

Gauthier, who also works as a stylist, got into dog breeding after one of her previous dogs died from epilepsy that was a result of breeding.

“She is so wise, she knows all this stuff that is so foreign to me,” said Carolyn Brown, a teacher and friend of Gauthier.

Brown met Gauthier 22 years ago when she moved to Green Bay and was looking for a haircut. The pair has been friends ever since.

Gauthier’s Salon, Trucolors Salon Spa, has won Best of the Bay and has been serving the community for 18 years.

Breeding dogs is no walk in the park. It requires a special license with standards of care slapped on it which include veterinary care, cleaning, compatibility, and water and food.   Gauthier buys eight 40-pound bags of dog food for her dogs every week.

“Weimaraners make great family dogs,” Gauthier said. They do require a lot of energy because they were bred to hunt deer, boars and wolves but are quick to please their masters.

A couple of unique facts about the Weimaraner is that they don’t enjoy the outdoors that much even though they were bred to hunt, they are the fourth fastest dog breed in the word, they have a tin coat that only requires washing once every year and a half, and they are a very intelligent dog breed that has been trained to do almost everything.

If you’re thinking of getting a Weimaraner from Gauthier, call soon because the waiting list goes out two years.