Three International Students Who Won’t Be Home for Christmas


Monica Sosa-Hernandez, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Ever wonder what it would be like to study in some other country where you don’t really know the language? Well, Daniel Campoz, Mina Refardt and Nuria Munoz are all international students who go to Notre Dame Academy.

“I came here to get to know new people and to learn English,” said Campoz.

Campoz is from Brazil and came here in January of this year. He wasn’t here at first.  He went to Preble for the first semester, but because he wanted to graduate, he switched to a private school.

“I have a lot of friends who came to America and had a good experience,” said Campoz.

Although he could have graduated in his country, he decided to come to America to attend NDA because he wanted to learn English, which is one of his favorite languages.

Campoz also really likes the weather because “it is really different from my country.”

He will be leaving to go back to Brazil on December 22. “I am so glad that I got to know all the people here, but I am also happy to go back home.”

The second International student is Mina Refardt, who is from Germany, and came to the United States because she loves it here and it is a tradition to become a transfer student in her family.

“I wanted to go somewhere where no one in my family has been before to study,” she said.

Her organization gave her a list of five to six private schools as she wanted to go to a private school, and she could go to North Dakota, Florida, Texas, California, South Carolina or Wisconsin.

She chose Wisconsin, of course, but one thing out of many other things that Campoz and Refardt have in common is they both came to Wisconsin for the weather and the people.

“The right amount of people,” Refardt said.

“There are a lot of differences between Germany and the United States,” said Refardt, “Everything…the school, the food, the people.” Not only that, but a fun fact about Germany is “when you drive from the top of Texas to the bottom of Texas, it takes more time than to drive from the top of Germany to the bottom of Germany.”

Last, but not least, is Nuria Munoz who is from Spain.

She came here because she wanted to learn English, like Campoz, and become bilingual.

However, she said, “Life is easier in Spain. You go out with friends and it’s festive.”

Also, Munoz didn’t choose NDA, but chose to come to America because of how open and friendly the people are. It’s also something she really likes about the United States.

When she decided to go to school in America, her agency chose a random school.

“As an international student you really miss your home, your family, and friends,” said Campoz.