New Theology Teacher Brings Variety of Experience to Classroom


Max Timmer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Mike Saharsky, the new long-term theology substitute teacher at NDA, brings his experiences as a teacher, entrepreneur and a realtor to the students of Notre Dame.  

Saharsky graduated from Premontre High School in 1968 and after high school attended the University of Notre Dame and received a degree in Theology. After graduating Notre Dame, Saharsky spent a year in the lending industry before pursuing a career in teaching.

“I was working in Wausau for a business and received a call from the principal of Premontre High School, Fr. Tom De Wane, asking me if I would be interested in teaching theology,” said Saharsky. “I came for an interview and was offered the position.” Saharsky worked at Premontre for four years.

After his four-year tenure, Saharsky left teaching to pursue the possibility of starting a business with his wife, Gigi. “We started a business in the art and framing named Wildwood Gallery, which still operates today,” he said.

Saharsky and his wife also have licenses as realtors in the Green Bay area and have sold numerous houses to locals in the community.

Saharsky noticed the job opening for a long-term Theology substitute teacher in an ad in The Compass during his active parish work at Prince of Peace. He “prayed and asked the Holy Spirit for guidance,” said Saharsky.

He prayed for help in deciding if this was something he was interested in doing. Saharsky decided he was interested and emailed his application for the job. Saharsky was then offered the position and accepted.

Saharsky teaches Morality and Justice for sophomores and Theology for freshmen.

Saharsky’s goal for this semester as a Theology teacher is to show his students that “God loves you and wants you to be the best version of yourself as a person created in His image and likeness,” Saharsky stated.

Saharsky is entering his second week of teaching and has enjoyed “meeting all the students and getting to know and understand them.”

“What we offer in Theology is extremely important in the faith formation and intellectual development of our students who are growing disciples and the future of our Church,” he added.