Ciera Gerl Changes Major, Plans to Follow Mama’s Footsteps


Gioia Cumicek, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Ciera Gerl, a 2015 NDA graduate now a senior at St. Norbert, has come back to work with the student body as a part-time staff member in Student Services.

“I have not always wanted to be a school counselor. When I started college, I was set on becoming an athletic trainer, but I changed my mind on that,” said Gerl.

Now she plans on going to grad school to obtain a masters degree in school counseling so she can follow in her mom’s footsteps.

As a Triton, Gerl was determined to become an athletic trainer. Throughout high school she and her best friend, Corrie Campion, were student athletic trainers for the football team. They attended every game and practice, where they taped ankles and helped with rehab on injured players.

“I thought I wanted to make athletic training my career because I loved every second of the job with the team, but I eventually changed my mind on that,” said Gerl.

The transition from being set on a career as a trainer to a school counselor was difficult for Gerl because of the huge adjustment. It also required her to attend more years of schooling.

Gerl’s mother, Jill, was a major influence on her career change.  Mrs. Gerl is head of Student Services and has been working at NDA since before Ciera was born.

“I kind of grew up at NDA and I know the school itself very well. I am also very familiar with the goals and values of NDA, which helped in making me very comfortable around the school, staff and students. The values here at NDA are very much in line with what I have experienced in my home and in my time as a student here,” said Gerl.

Gerl has learned from her transition that if you are unhappy with your situation you can change it. Happiness is the most important aspect used in your life decisions.  She advises students to work hard and wants them to know how blessed they are to be attending NDA.

“The quality of education that you’re receiving here is amazing and will put you ahead of the game in so many different aspects in your life, but often it won’t be easy. As long as you keep working hard and pushing through the difficult times you’ll be good,” she said.