Konshak Brings Tucker the Elf, Fun & Excitement to NDA


Elizabeth Rickards, Staff Writer, Journalism I

You may have seen Tucker the Elf on the shelf somewhere the school, hiding in different classrooms.

You may have seen the announcement to look out for Tucker the Elf and take a picture with him.

Tucker’s keeper, Mr. Bryan Konshak, makes sure he’s been returning every year since Tucker’s job at Notre Dame started.

“I had seen Elf on the Shelf before on tv. I had one at my own house for my kids,” Konshak said.

Konshak had given the idea of Elf on the Shelf to a freshman math class here at school.

One of his students at the time, Max Timmer, explained that he had three at home.

Konshak offered to buy it for ten dollars, and as a class they decided to call him Tucker.

Tucker the Elf was created and now takes up residence at Notre Dame Academy every December.

Sometimes, with Tucker’s arrival, Santa also visits, going in every classroom.

Konshak has been doing this for many years now, and always doing it from the bottom of his heart.

“He [Konshak] has always been such a do-gooder, such a good person,” said Mrs. Brown.

Konshak created and manages the annual pancake run/walk in the spring.  There he enjoys flipping the pancakes and serving them after a long run.

“If I could, I would just flip pancakes for the rest of my life,” Konshak said.

He also teaches summer school and runs a summer camp for middle and elementary students.

Konshak has taught mathematics at Notre Dame Academy for 11 years; this was his first teaching job.

Granted, Konshak’s job at Notre Dame is to teach kids, but he says, “There is so much more than just strict rules.”

At 36 years old, Konshak still stays fit as he ran two half marathons, works out in his free time and utilizes meal replacement shakes.

Konshak’s teaching style and fun-loving activities can be described using the same word: unique.

Instead of simply just teaching his classes, Konshak also records his taught lessons for later use to the students.

Konshak does not only do this for one class, but for all six of his classes. Konshak pointed out that Mr. Doug Guyette is the “original” teacher to record and show lessons.

Sam Schmidt contributed to this story.