Gerstner Thrives on Being Involved

Sam Schmid, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Howie Gerstner, Mr. NDA contestant and Student Government Executive Board member, reflected back on his time in high school through the various activities he’s been a part of.

Gerstner has been class president this year, his junior year, and calls it a role he instantly loved.

“I have learned that things the student body considers easy to happen, aren’t always so easy. For example, Dress Down Days take a cohesive effort with administration, student government and staff to make student life optimal,” he said.

Gerstner is not only involved in student government. He also runs cross country and participates in a plethora of clubs.

Away from Notre Dame Academy’s positive atmosphere, Gerstner loves listening to music. He says he “childishly” creates music.  He also enjoys the outdoors, and his latest outdoor activity involved skiing with James Adams over the new year break.

For Gerstner’s senior year, he states that he is still undecided whether or not to run for class president again.

“I’m not really sure. I believe next year I will pursue a role in student government as Fan Man or Administration Representative,” Gerstner said.

Gerstner stated that if he did decide to not run as student body president that he will endorse Max Timmer.

Gerstner’s favorite class at Notre Dame is either Philosophy with Mr. Gray, French class, or IB English with Mrs. Brown.

As Gerstner reflects back on his favorite classes, his hobbies, and his time in student government, he developed a sense of advice to younger students.

“My biggest advice [to younger students] is to not fall behind on your studies and to communicate and build a relationship with your teachers and administration,” he said.

In his overall high school experience, Gerstner has learned that “there are always people there to support you and help out; you just need to ask.”

Gerstner’s favorite thing about Notre Dame happens to be the community aspect.

I believe NDA has so many opportunities to take advantage of and so many great people involved in and supporting those activities,” he said.