Student Writers Thrive in Writer’s Union


Hailey Swonger, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Writer’s Union is one of the many clubs here at Notre Dame. For many of its writers it’s a safe place to refine their craft and get feedback.

I really enjoy writing for this club, and it has really improved my writing and helped me discover what writing style I like,” said Anna Lippert, a freshman.

Many of the writers have also said that they have paid more attention to detail, gained confidence and have honed in on their own unique style.

In a meeting, the students read pieces that they wrote and submitted anonymously. The pieces range from sad to hilarious.

“My favorite memory from Writer’s Union was when we read a story called ‘The Runaway Bagel.’ We had read a lot of sad poetry and then we read that and it was so funny,” commented Sophia Hornberger. She’s also a freshman and has been in the club since first semester.

Most of the students in the club are working on their own projects too. Autumn Mayer, a freshman, has been working on a fantasy novel that she’s hoping to finish before the end of the year. Lippert is currently working on a book of poems called, “it was all for them.”

Talking about her book, Lippert said, “[It is] written in my style of no capitalization and no punctuation, which is why the title isn’t capitalized.”

English teachers Jean Thillman and Carolyn Brown are the advisers for Writer’s Union. They run the meetings, collect the anonymous submissions and provide Mrs. Brown’s brownies. They’ve both been running this club since 2010.

Thillman said, “My favorite memory is the huge crowds we draw for the Writers’ Union’s Kahoot contest for De la Baie fest each spring.”

Writer’s Union makes a Kahoot for attendees at De La Baie fest every year and the questions are normally about the staff at NDA. They also edit The Muse, NDA’s literary magazine.

“We solicit poems, short stories, and art from ALL the student body, use the [Writer’s Union] kids as our panel to choose submissions, prepare The Muse and get it ready for the printer,” said Thillman.

The Muse releases in spring on the same week as Cabaret Night. Anyone and everyone in the student body can submit to The Muse, but it must have a name. No anonymous submissions are accepted into the magazine.