Broadcast Career of Morgan Heyrman Started with Optimist Club Speech


Aeva Ver Boort, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Morgan Heyrman, a news anchor at Fox 46 in Charlotte, North Carolina, grew up in Green Bay and graduated from Notre Dame Academy in 2007.  After high school she attended Hofstra University to study communication.

Ultimately, her specific major was broadcast journalism with a minor in speech communication. Prior to Charlotte, she lived and worked in Long Island, New York; Corpus Christi, Texas; and Fort Myers, Florida.

Heyrman realized she wanted to pursue communication after winning the statewide Optimist Club Speech contest her freshman year.

“It was an excellent tool to practice speaking in public,” said Heyrman. Her English teacher Carolyn Brown set up an opportunity for her to shadow a local television reporter for the day, where she became hooked after her experience.  

In college, Heyrman got involved in radio as a host DJ and morning show contributor for WRHU.     

I enrolled in a number of television classes and never looked back,” she said.

Heyrman is big in the news world as a news anchor in North Carolina.  “I like that I’m still learning every day,” she said.

She says she has become an expert in an eight-hour work day and condenses her information down to a minute and twenty seconds for the public.

She also investigates stories.  The most challenging thing for her is the “do or die” deadline.  With the heavy workload, daily deadlines and constant cycle, broadcast is one of the most stressful workplace one can enter.

There are pros and cons to Heyrman having to move around so much.  On one hand, she gets to live in places she never would have visited.  At the same time, she sacrificed her younger years living in small towns that just weren’t suitable to her lifestyle.  

Heyrman usually tries to make it back to Green Bay twice a year.  

“Many of us call it a ‘revolving door’ industry, so if I ever want to go on vacation, I have friends who love all over the map,” she explained.

Heyrman said public speaking has never been an issue for her.  

She competed in speech competitions growing up, worked as an intern at a sports/communication camp in Florida and has practiced public speaking throughout her entire career.  

“The best advice I can give anyone struggling with public speaking is to keep at it,” she said.