Linda Kadingo Returns to NDA as Sub for Harry Geiser


Adison Karbon, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

NDA is happy to welcome back a beloved math teacher, Ms. Linda Kadingo, who taught math classes here from 1990 to 1999. 

“She’s the best math teacher I ever had, including my father, and the only one that got any math out of me,” said Mr. Greg Geiser, social studies teacher and son of the incomparable  Harry Geiser.

Despite being retired now, after 41 years of teaching, Kadingo is happy to substitute teach for Mr. Harry Geiser, her friend since 1986 whom she met coaching the St. Joseph’s Academy math team at the same time Geiser was coaching Premontre’s.

Math was not her first career idea, as she started college in hopes of teaching geography one day. After the encouragement of her professor, Dr. Denlinger, she switched her studies to mathematics.

“My first few years were a little rough,” she said, “but I never thought about quitting.”

Her teaching brought her all over the country, beginning in a small farming community in Pennsylvania. 

I replaced the 6′ 4″ head basketball coach who was injured in an accident on New Year’s Eve,” said Kadingo.  “It was a shock to the students and a lot of them were angry because he was a very popular teacher.

Nevertheless, Kadingo was hooked on teaching and decided to spend two years at a school in Gallup, New Mexico. She still does not know why she made this choice, but it “seemed like the right place” at the time.

Her career eventually brought her to St. Joseph’s Academy, NDA, and West High School in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

In 2015, she retired, feeling the “time was right.” She made the right choice and loves being retired. 

I get to go back to Pennsylvania and visit my family more often, I get to travel, and, yes, at times, I get to sleep in,” she said.

After coming back to NDA, she has found the same core values she remembered. 

“I find NDA to be the same quality educational system it was back in my time here,” she said. “Teachers have high expectations of the students and students work hard to reach those expectations.”

Students here are quite grateful for Kadingo, including Mariah Michalski, a senior, who said, “She has made the transition very smooth.”

Even with the help of Ms. Kadingo, students await Mr. Harry Geiser’s return. 

According to Mr. Greg Geiser, his father is recovering well and is excited to come back. 

“He had surgery for a leg infection and so far the antibiotics are doing their job,” said Greg Geiser.  “He expects to be back in 3-5 weeks; although my dad can be a little optimistic at times, so we’ll see.”

Greg Geiser welcomes all students to send his father any encouraging words since he is checking his email.