Alum Lexi Brada Returns to Do Practicum in English Classes


Ellen Meeuwsen, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Lexi Brada, NDA class of 2014, has recently come back to her alma mater for her second block practicum which is “observing the craft of different teachers.”

Brada will be observing various English classes to get the “full teaching experience” on Mondays and most Tuesdays, every week for the whole semester. 

Brada is a graduate of UW-Madison and is currently attending graduate school at Edgewood College with the hopes of teaching high school English. 

One thing that Brada has realized during the process of getting her teaching license is that “it’s a lot to teach.” There are many components that go into teaching, such as lesson plans, homework, tests and grading. 

Brada chose to do her practicum at Notre Dame Academy because she said that “Mrs. Brown was one of the main reasons I became a teacher.” 

Part of the practicum experience requires Brada to create her own lesson plan to teach to a class and send a video tape to send in to get her teaching license. She is planning on doing this project with the NDA freshmen. 

The last step that Brada will have to complete before she gets her master’s degree is a thesis paper. 

Not only was Brada an English major but she also completed a major in visual arts which enabled her to study abroad in Florence, Italy, through an art program. In addition, towards the end of her undergraduate studies, she realized that she had enough credits to minor in medieval studies. 

With multiple degrees, Brada will be able to use her wide range of skills to broaden her education and influence her teaching style in unique ways. 

Brada is also quite the world traveller as she has been all over the United States, Costa Rica, South America, Europe and Ethiopia. Her travels have allowed her to discover various global viewpoints and cultural experiences that will surely aid in her teaching approach.