SNC’s Emily Buffin Praises NDA Students


Adison Karbon, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

One of this year’s St. Norbert College block students is Miss Emily Buffin, who is currently assisting Miss Robbins in her English classes.

Buffin, originally from Northern Illinois,came to Wrightstown in 2010 with her family.

During this time in high school, Buffin decided to become a teacher after she had one of her best teachers. 

She was my sophomore English teacher, and she not only loves her content area, but she really cares about all of her students,” she said. “I went on to take many additional courses that she taught and fell in love with English.”

She decided to continue her studies at SNC, mainly for the food. 

I chose St. Norbert College for many reasons. I think the biggest reason was the food, and I am not joking. SNC Potato Bowl is one of my favorite meals,” said Buffin.

She was also drawn to the education program which is one of the best “as far as getting field experience.” She wanted to get involved with students before student teaching senior year.

“Around the state there were not really any programs like St. Norbert’s, and it was really important to me that I was a student in a strong, rigorous program,” she said.

There also are many squirrels on campus, and she enjoys watching them “play in the leaves in the fall or in the snow in the winter.”

After college she hopes to teach high schoolers. As far as what grade, she has really enjoyed Miss Robbins’ sophomore classes. 

She is also open to teaching anywhere. 

“I would love to teach in a district like Wrightstown because I loved the environment of all of the teachers caring about their students, but I also would enjoy traveling to a different district that has more diversity and cultures that I can learn from,” said Buffin.

So far, she has loved NDA. “Not only have the teachers been very helpful, but the students here have also been amazing,” she said. “Several times I have asked students for directions to a classroom or how to print something and they were more than willing to help me out.”

“During my experience here I have really been able to dive into the profession of teaching and realize how much work it actually is, and instead of all that work scaring me, it made me more excited,” she said. “I love working with students on their work and seeing their eyes light up when something they have been trying so hard to understand finally makes sense.”

Other than teaching, Buffin really enjoys reading and analyzing literature. She does not have much time to do it outside of school and her courses, but she really enjoys reading different novels and stories. 

“When I have free time I love to go spend time outside with family and friends,” she said. “I recently got into frisbee and have gotten quite good at it from endless hours of throwing it around with friends.”