Amy Stover: From Accounting & Traveling to the Classroom

Jeremy Aguilar, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Mrs. Amy Stover never planned on becoming a teacher.  In fact, Mrs. Stover graduated with an accounting degree and a minor in Spanish. Mrs. Stover’s intention was to do international business and to do something else with her life, but luckily for us, she decided to become a teacher and joined Notre Dame Academy.  We can thank Schneider for this since her job out of college did not fit her family’s lifestyle. So she quit and became a teacher.  

Did you know that Mrs. Stover lived in Mexico City for nine months?  During this time she met her husband, and they started their family. Since having kids is such a life changing event, she stopped traveling and living in Mexico to stay home and be closer to her daughters. 

Mrs.Stover made an important  decision going back to college, so she could get certification for teaching and so she could go back to her daughters. Mrs.Stover was finishing student teaching in mid-January when NDA called for an interview. Mrs.Stover was offered a full-time job at NDA at the beginning of 2nd semester, accepted, and never looked back! 

Mrs. Stover started teaching January 2005. eThe year 2020  will mark 15 years of teaching at Notre Dame. 

Ever wondered why Mrs.Stover took Spanish as her teaching subject?

 If we back up to when she  was in 8th grade, Mrs.Stover would tell you that she  wanted to be a teacher because of the great 1st and 2nd grade teacher she  had, but once she hit high school and was exposed to accounting and Spanish, she thought she  had found a new passion that would also pay her well. 

Hindsight is 20/20.  

Mrs. Stover  thoroughly enjoyed accounting work and travelling to Mexico and using her Spanish, but she  didn’t like the hours that came with it. While contemplating her next career move to something more family friendly, it was strongly suggested that she look into teaching Spanish as there was a great need in the Green Bay area at the time.  She also had a very unique background to bring to teaching, having worked in the business world for 10 plus years of which seven were in Mexico City using her Spanish skills. 

She was only going to get her certification for high school, but her SNC adviser convinced her to do middle school as well to open as many doors as possible. Adding one semester worked in her  favor as Wisconsin changed the teaching certification during that extra semester which, ultimately, gave her a 0-21 certification. (God has a funny way of bringing us back when we stray.) Mrs.Stover was able to combine her first career choice as a teacher with Spanish!  Although she really likes accounting and the tedious details, teaching is her passion.  

Her ability to translate has helped many families feel more comfortable being at NDA. That’s what Principal Patrick Browne said about Mrs.Stover, that “she helps Hispanic families to feel part of the NDA family and keeps them up to date on what’s happening at school.” T

In a way, this kind of happened by accident.  

NDA was entering the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program in 2013 and Mrs. Karen Konop, NDA Outreach Administrator, needed help with Spanish-speaking families.  Mrs.Stoeer just happened to be in the right place at the right time and she leaned on Mrs.Stover for some help.  

This has slowly grown into what it is today. Mrs.Stover’s experience working in Schneider’s office in Mexico CIty, living and celebrating with her Mexican colleagues and her  friends, gave her some unique perspective and insight into the culture and people.  

She has  been able to apply this experience and skill to working with our Hispanic families. Mrs. Stover is  a resource for these families from completing the admissions application to graduation and, sometimes, into college. Mrs.Stover’s  experience in the classroom as a teacher also enables her to effectively support the students as she can observe some of their struggles first hand and work on strategies to help them. 

Mrs.Stover works with many others in the building to help ensure a smooth transition to NDA, which is important for the success of these students and to welcome their families into our community. She has worked hard to build trust and develop relationships to support the families and advocate for the students.